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WW2 Tank better than Modern ones?

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Was their a WW2 tank that could rival a modern one?

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  1. War thunder players: bet the sturmmösër
    And maus

  2. If only the maus was used in battle. That might actually stand up to a modern tank

  3. So you're a quote on quote historian, let me guess you said that the t34 is the "goat"

  4. As a World War II buff this was extremely painful to watch.

  5. Damn I was expecting major tiger bias. The centurion is the first MBT by the way

  6. you are ridiculous…mobility at 50% of the present…caliber 88 mm compared to 120 125 mm. armor 100 -200 compared to a 600 900 equivalent now… what are you talking about, you're from another movie… change the subject, you're embarrassing

  7. Yeah my face when you get slammed by a tungsten dart from 2300m with on the first shot.

  8. I hate this so much. Not only could neither of these tanks compete with modern main battle tanks, but to put the Panther on the same level as the Centurion is ridiculous.

  9. Hold on … What about the maus or the ratte? 😂

  10. Wrong on both. I was expecting the Sturmtiger and Jagdtiger. Those i could at leasr see a little bit 🤣🤣 the Sturmtiger because bro you aint surviving that. Jadgtiger because of the gun

  11. Maus cassualy tanking 100kg of explosive:🗿

  12. ppppppffffahahaahahah panther rivaling an MBT this guy is a 🤡

  13. I think a t-34-85 could compete against modern tanks but it always depends on the crew of a tank

  14. Aw yes three factors crew comfert, sights, amunition storrge, reliabilitle qoulity. What but all do not aply to the panther. It is a good tank but no tank from ww2 could take down even a t55

  15. he really fell for the panther paradox 💀💀💀

  16. Schwerer Gustav was the largest-calibre rifled weapon ever used in combat, and in terms of overall weight, the heaviest mobile artillery piece ever built. It fired the heaviest shells of any artillery piece.

  17. There was one more tank you forgot to talk about, and that was the mouse

  18. The maus would destroy a panther also if you were to count designed the p1000 would destroy

  19. M22🗿 Maus🥶 swedish meatball launcher🥶🗿

  20. One can hit the target with heat tracker vision, one can't see the enemy from 100 yards away.

  21. Ukrainians would slap ERA on the panther and call it a day

  22. >names all the hard factors

    >ignores the soft factors

  23. Why are there cuts after every single sentence he says?

  24. The Pamther D is my favourite tank, and even i know it would only make a scratch and a dent on MBTs.

  25. Yeah. Not even a competition.. the apfsds round the m1a2 sepv fires can Pent 700mm of armor easily.. the round could pass through the panther front to back and still probably have enough pen to kill the centurions crew. Meanwhile the Abrams would shrug off their rounds with explosive reactive armor, the trophy system, or just their armor lmao

  26. Were is tiger mouse and other german tanks and t34

  27. I feel as if the tiger 2 or tiger 1 COULD have a chance, but not the panther lmao

  28. what was the point of this tho? it isn't even a question even the most shit of modern tanks absolutely smashes any WW2 tank

  29. Bruh, a modern tank could just sit out of range of these tanks and pop a round straight through them, even if the tanks got shot their armour could take the hit

  30. what the hail bro the panther is a medium tank(almost a heavy) also it doesnt have 100mm and bigger armor

    do some research man

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