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#wot blitz #smasher #draw #wot #games #tank #world #tier 7 #wotblitz #tanks #containrr

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  1. I got the smasher from a collect em all containerLike with the wz 120 1g ft

  2. I got it on first try no joke im gonna post this like tommorow i think

  3. Со второго раза выбил 😂😂😂

  4. What was the chance of the smasher at the last pack u opend if u remember?

  5. WG is stupid as fuck
    1 they created the smasher
    2 they are selling it in draw = too many people will have it / play it = destroyed MM

  6. I did not have enough for the last attempt where the tank is already guaranteed

  7. Thats nothing I got it for 100 gold 😂

  8. Me who got it first try:your luck may be good but nothing compare to mine

  9. I got lucky it only took me two draws to get it

  10. Lo obtuve antes de apestas el botón de 200 monedas de oro 😅😂

  11. Lol i got it just some minutes ago with the 200 gold turn🙂

  12. Will be the same drawn but with annihilator ?

  13. How much would it cost if I got it last

  14. I got this tank in only two tries, so i only waste like 50 gold, I think wargaming really want to cheer me up after i slam my phone because of my shitty team and my shitty wi-fi 💀

  15. I got it in the first try 20 gold well spent

  16. it only took 3 draws for me but i feel bad for u losing 5500 G coins

  17. I got it for 25 coin on the first draw

  18. My last spin was 650 I didn’t got the smasher

  19. Он у меня с 3 раза выпал

  20. I got mine after spending about 4K gold!

  21. id rather buy tank with discount on shops like the lowé, just dont buy crates guys or spins

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