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WOT Blitz KILLER! New Tank Game! First Look!

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  1. The trailer looked much better than Blitz but not nearly as good as WOT PC, but the actual game play graphics looked no better than Blitz. This is the same as Blitz trailers which look incredible, because they are trailers and not real game play.

  2. world of tanks valour: you challenge me mere mortal?

  3. It’s cancelled now, you can only play in China now

  4. How would you be able to understand the language barrier

  5. 已经玩过了,挺不错,打击感有待提升

  6. It's built on a stolen copy of Wargaming's code. They'll never be able to sell it outside of China where laws exist.

  7. Is this a good rip off world of tanks? I think its also a mix of wot and war thunder

  8. I have a iPad 6th Gen lets of storage and good wifi so i should be fine to play

  9. idk why I hate this game the hud looks weird and the fps keep dropping

  10. All:- omg this game is going to kill wotb
    Wargaming telling to tank company:- I am going to ruin this game's whole carrier

  11. i hope it releses soon and crush wot blitz,because they dont care about better players and inprove mm

  12. That Jagpanzer E-100 looks like the Stug E-100 krokodoli

  13. I really wanna reach 3k by the New Year guys! Pls help!
    Gameplay footage starts at 5:30!!!

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