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WOT Blitz KILLER! New Tank Game! First Look!

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  1. If this comes out well. This would be huge. Finally. WG mofos gonna be thought a leasson

  2. I heard a lot about Tank Company. Feel like trying it out once it drops.

  3. This can/will kill Wotb if it is successful just like what happened with pubg and codm hopefully they can coexist but unlikely

  4. Hi happy, you did NOT have to flex your muscles for the intro lol

  5. Wg finally has to do something for the playerbase after this launches.

  6. Ama say no one gona play it cuz many people dont have a good gaming cp

  7. This game look like a copy paste wot but on mobile phone

  8. It is gona destroy wot blitz. Its war thunder on mobile. The developers took aspects from both games and it made a new awsome game. Hope they wont ad crates🤣🤣🤣. Dont have a good device to play it though…

  9. I work on computers since the 90s and unreal game's and mods are sweet. I make computers since the 90s and i got 4k im going to try it. That's why wot blitz is getting greedy and screw us players with 80 games 30% playing high tiers, hope this game don't sale no gold tanks if you are not on that tier example if you are tier 7 1000 games you can't buy a tier 8 tank simple. Just my opinion ggz everyone and happy holidays to all, pray for a better 2021 .

  10. How to login in this game?? I don't understand chinese !!

  11. I have played the game, the game is good but.. it still need some changes to compare with WOTB. Still.. the game is not yet release but.. there are some info about.. it that it's going to be released in mid 2021, still the Chinese are doing.. something good..the devs are from netease if I remember.

  12. Im ganna BLOODY QUIT WOT BLITZ WHEN THIS COMES OUT, i have a 2017 ipad pro, i think i should be able to run it right ?

  13. It's about time WoT had some competition.

  14. The part that you called the hull on the ja panzer e100 is called a Casemate

  15. I saw it has 3 game modes, fisrt 15vs15 with artillery, second 7vs7 with smaller map and no artillery (just like blitz), and third is like a unique gamemode just like uprising, madgames, etc in blitz

  16. Ironically the actual name of the game engine is called “unreal engine” the same engine was used on another tank game on mobile named “armored warfare” but It was a flop and eventually got pulled form the appstore

  17. There is no russian bias comrade

    only chinese bias

  18. I don't think WG will file a lawsuit against this Game because they're got a Design , Inspired from War Thunder Vehicles and realistic armor (The armor can be removed by destroy some few parts of the tanks) The game is historically accurate and the only Copy from WoT PC is the layout of the screen, They're probably going to remove it when WG filed a lawsuit against them

  19. Wg is probably gonna try to sue them for being a better game

  20. Guys when its out its gonna be only in china when its released on store you can use a vpn to download it 🙂

  21. The trailer looked much better than Blitz but not nearly as good as WOT PC, but the actual game play graphics looked no better than Blitz. This is the same as Blitz trailers which look incredible, because they are trailers and not real game play.

  22. world of tanks valour: you challenge me mere mortal?

  23. It’s cancelled now, you can only play in China now

  24. How would you be able to understand the language barrier

  25. 已经玩过了,挺不错,打击感有待提升

  26. It's built on a stolen copy of Wargaming's code. They'll never be able to sell it outside of China where laws exist.

  27. Is this a good rip off world of tanks? I think its also a mix of wot and war thunder

  28. I have a iPad 6th Gen lets of storage and good wifi so i should be fine to play

  29. idk why I hate this game the hud looks weird and the fps keep dropping

  30. All:- omg this game is going to kill wotb
    Wargaming telling to tank company:- I am going to ruin this game's whole carrier

  31. i hope it releses soon and crush wot blitz,because they dont care about better players and inprove mm

  32. That Jagpanzer E-100 looks like the Stug E-100 krokodoli

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