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WoT Blitz. Best shot ever

World of Tanks Blitz
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  1. I'm a Grille main and Every inch of me wants to cry because it's stupid but true.

  2. Хе хе Советская магия))))

  3. I always thought if it was so critical it would do damage😅

  4. Aaaaaaaa😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬

  5. HE Shells: And thats why I Existed 😂

  6. Weird thing like the 257, that one section of spaced armor followed by the actual main armor, sloped, then hits the track…

  7. Это сила полумёртвого деда 7

  8. yeah i has been like this so much

  9. this is the problem with world of tanks blitz.
    it didnt even break it and it hit it clear as day about 20 meters away. thats really bad WG :/

  10. В блитце есть 3д камуфляжи? 🤔

  11. I don't understand the track crit and why it's even in the game, might as well be a non pen. Track doesn't break, it gets damage, but 20mm does the same thing, it's useless.

  12. Шотный дед перешивёт даже конец света

  13. Every wot player worst fear after being ammo racked the track crit

  14. Шайлушай(теперь бабаха) says:

    Борт ИСА 7

  15. And that is why kids, you need to use HE to finish the job.

  16. This is why yoy aim above the tracks 💁

  17. But the soviets dispersion make up for it ……

  18. Фугас Х
    КС в борт экронированого деда7 ✓

  19. У меня с этим проблемы я тоже так не пробию на ис 7 не знаю почему😅

  20. Самый бронированный танк это шотный совок

  21. YOU CAN (BANSAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  22. Its just a stupid tank, and wargaming is milking it at tier X its so stupid….. I mean why create a tank with that much Alpha Goes to show they really don't care about the playerbase.

  23. as a f2p i can confirm that evil nazi devs at wg ensure that at least 50% of f2p are rigged to avoid damaging gold tanks, 50% of rigged shots give f2p "track crit","went right thru" on even HT!! and "critical damage" that doesnt do any impact on enemy. evil nazi wG

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