World of Tanks - Welcome to War Stories | PS4 -

World of Tanks – Welcome to War Stories | PS4

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Introducing World of Tanks War Stories: brand new Solo/Co-op PvE story-driven campaigns offering tankers the chance to relive historical events, discover alternate histories, or play-out fantasy campaigns.
World of Tanks is available on the PlayStation®4 and PS4™Pro. Dive into the free-to-play global online multiplayer phenomenon dedicated to the golden age of tank warfare in the mid-20th century.

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  1. so is WOT getting a story mode? I don't understand this trailer!

  2. I think a tank battle in Miami would have been cooler.

  3. Yess gg wargaming thank you best tank game ever!!! 🙂 <3

  4. Imagine this with Frostbite engine… Too bad its gonna be really bad visually…

  5. So battlefield 1 but only the tank parts

  6. this is basically putting up an alternative history, so its awesome

  7. Картошка, нахрена?

  8. ММ! картошка такое на пк не завезет!

  9. Story mode only for PS4????????????????????? pls some one link some source

  10. Лучше в WarThunder такое сделать.

  11. Wow the best game ever will also have story mode

  12. Begin to bored with wot and install war thunder, but…okay im back to wot….

  13. this game its like a SEGA game very poor game..

  14. Consoles only? Why?!? Assigning a single team to one platform is a stupid idea. While consoles get more content, match-maker is still the old drunk one.

  15. Bruh it went from conventional to thermonuclear just like that

  16. Can anyone explain to me why I need to wait in a queue to play War Stories solo?

  17. How do you play it? When i start it it says: Preparing for battle to begin. Elapsed time 2 min

  18. Will we gonna have a German campaign?

  19. Can we get these tanks to use in multiplayer

  20. Noob churchill players caused the fall of London

  21. a Franken and a Stein hunted me in a training room…. in ghostcity i was hunted by a light and when i escaped from that light a Maus tried to kill me…war gamimg stop all these jokes..please

  22. Господи это полнейший бред.Когда будут современные танки а??

  23. Вы обещали ещё в 2015 году и где?

  24. I just found out now you got to pay to repair your damage tank will that absolutely sucks so i am done playing world of tanks it was fun but i feel you should not have to pay to repair your tank

  25. What happen to your playstation logo intro?

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