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World of Tanks VR

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Join Eric and Steph for some multiplayer in World of Tanks in VR. This is currently only an arcade exclusive and it is based on the original PC version.


  1. where can i download? thanks 🙂

  2. How can I download this game on my oculus guest 2

  3. Hello. Where i can download World of Tanks VR??. i have a oculus quest 2. Thank you

  4. If it turns the tank and not just the turret by looking then it will be hard to control. Tank controls to hand controllers and turret to VR helmet movement and I might try it. And no aiming reticle? Hmmmm….

  5. It's the wrong way. The normal game should be playable in VR or not in VR. I find it bad to make a seperate WoT game especially for VR. It should be connected to the normal game otherwise there will be problems to find other VR players on the same time.
    In the game "No Man's Sky" they understood how to handle this.
    But as a long time WoT player I know how wargaming don't care about players opinions. So they will try it this way and they will suck for sure.
    It would be so funny to play the normal WoT game in VR, but not this way…

  6. yea was fun to watch but when a video tells me its gona be aboud WoT VR i dont expect it to change the game half way through the Video. Easy fix would be to specify it in the discription or the titel. Or cut it in half and post two videos instead. I assume thts the reason for the down votes. I wish you the best of luck and a lot of fun doing what you love.

  7. "This is currently only an arcade exclusive"
    …. why? Are we just ignoring the fact that home-headsets are starting to outnumber the ones in VR arcades?

  8. She is terrible at making game presentation haha.. That kinda makes it funny to watch.

  9. Looks like it could be fun. Too bad the WG Crew were not with y'all.

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