World of Tanks / Sweden Invented Tanks -

World of Tanks / Sweden Invented Tanks

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  1. Hey pewds, if you want to reload, press "C"


  3. Pewds: I cant shoot a japanese

    All the people that were killed by the japanese army in the war in the pacific: AM I A JOKE TO YOU

  4. at least this WOT gameplay is better than a previous one

  5. He still hasn't seen the wheeled vehicles lol

  6. PewDiePie- Are you kidding me? Me- Looks in his shirt "Shirt says no" I am like Ok then we not kidding

  7. the world of tanks promoted u : it doesnt get much views

  8. Pewds, just to let you know, Wargaming is under heavy scrutiny because of the open secret that they've been involved with money laundering for years. Their CEO is worth 1.5 billion somehow. You might not want to be sponsored by them.

  9. Title: Sweden invented tanks
    The British: How dare you

  10. I can't believe my eyes, it's fucking possible.Felix plays Wot ,that (omg)

  11. Other people : how their not taking damage
    Me as a wot and wot blitz player: ok why you shooting the hard parts stop showing your sides heavies never camp

  12. im 100% sure the excelsior at 1:38 was the french version of the brits excelsior

  13. I've been playing this game since December 2018, however I did use your code today as I've made a new account to advertise my website lel

  14. I really want him to play world of tanks blitz now…

  15. Did he said a bt5 a Chinese tank

  16. umm when did the Excelsior tank become french
    its britian bc of its boxy and churchill looking tank tracks

  17. play realistic ground battles in war thunder and if u survive 10 rounds u r a pro at tank battles

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  19. Never go to the bridge

  20. we need to talk about your balls, they are smol

    There is like 0,00001% pewds will ever see this, but still commenting this because I have no braincells

  21. lmfao, one of his darkest moments is still one of the funniest

  22. War of thunder player has entered the chat.

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