World of Tanks - Modern Armor | PS4 -

World of Tanks – Modern Armor | PS4

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Commanders! A new day has dawned!
Experience epic new warfare, with the world’s most powerful tanks in World of Tanks: Modern Armor!
Engage in brutal attacks on your enemies using over 800+ customizable tanks and conquer the battlefields across 4 new maps.
The fight has only just begun! Roll out!


  1. Will this be a separate game or DLC?

  2. Please reply if you are having the same issues because my PlayStations network is down and I am on PS4 just to let you know it is super annoying so please reply to me is if you guys are having the same issues and tell me your stories

  3. Talk about an anti climax. 15 games and am itching to go back to ww2 already.

  4. I would love World of Warships: modern Ship
    I can't play
    Type 45 destroyer
    Type 42 destroyer
    Type 23 frigate
    Invincible class
    Queen Elizabeth class
    Arleigh burke class
    Ticonderoga class
    Nimitz class
    Ford class
    Kirov class

    For submarine
    Astute class
    Virginia class
    Los Angeles class
    Seawolf class

  5. I hoped to see my favourite Tank girl
    Challenger 1 🇬🇧
    She my favourite tank.

  6. Welcome, graphics from 2013! 😀 And where are the smoke grenades coming from at 0:52. For me, it looks ugly.

  7. I'm guessing I need to give up my soul for. These.

  8. Ô có map mới à, Cao Bằng kìa, VN kìa, bao giờ có pc đây hay chỉ ps mới có

  9. War thunder… About time little brother

  10. Tired of old rust bucket huh? Now WG into ceramic plating and HEATFS. At least it won't be one hit kill like the other game

  11. I wish I was more into these tank sim games. Used to love the old Novalogic Armored Fist series.

  12. Modern Warfare: project Armata + World of tanks + War thunder = Modern Armor.

  13. So I get to play the most technologically advanced tank (M1A2) in the modern age in a game about ww2 tanks now?

  14. Just make sure u dont speed thru the post game rewards because they might pop up a bundle out of nowhere for you to buy and if u are spamming the button it instantly takes your gold(real money)and they will not give it back,i lost 5000 gold and have a slow tank i dont even want😠

  15. I want Turkish tank tree this time. Please…

  16. Yo that smoke round looks dope. Wait what? They are smoke grenades?

  17. can you play this with your friends, do u need ps plus, if yes how many people and is there cross platform

  18. Did they remove all the awful features from the last update that made half the player base leave yet?

  19. It's not bad the modern armor is a different server and it has co-op play which is pretty cool and they don't mix in with world war II

  20. I don't want this stupid game I want to play online with no PS Plus

  21. OH cool Armoured Warfare got an update? Wait a sec!

  22. I wanna see these MBTS in a custom with tier x tanks 🤣

  23. Help me i Cant play it dosnt work what happen

  24. Ahh finally, an alternative to war thunder, although the HP system still exists the aiming circle is now gone

  25. They better add tanks like the British Challenger 1 & 2, German Leopard 2 & Chinese Type 99 eventually to keep up with War Thunder.

  26. Watch my WOTConsole PlayStation replays on my channel! Like, comment, and subscribe!

  27. Why did wargaming change the game so drastically to the point that its fun to play anymore

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