World of Tanks Miniatures Game - Review -

World of Tanks Miniatures Game – Review

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Let’s take a look at the World of Tank Miniatures Game!
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  1. I have a lot of Flames of War tanks, but I often don’t have to time to set up the large map and army’s for play. Also my kids still find Flames of war a little complicated. World of Tanks is a great way for me to use some of my Flames of War models for quick simple games with my kids. They also play X-Wing with me so WoT was a very easy transition with some similarities in the gameplay and turn sequence

  2. I already ordered several of the expansions and the starter set. I am waiting on my delivery but I am too excited to wait. I am looking to see what the scale is of the mini's. Would you be willing to put some rough dimensions of a couple of the tanks so I can do the math to figure out the scale. I am wanting to get some scale 3D terrain and map pieces but I want it to be semi accurate.

  3. Thanks for the video, I’ve been looking for a game to get into with my kids or my friends when we are short on time. This seems perfect, and hadn’t heard of it until I found your video.

  4. Not quite how I would have done it. Would have been cool if the blueprint was on the card and crits hit the tank in the spot on the blueprint destroyed whatever was there. Would have made it a bit more tactical since tanks have a 360 shot radius for the most part

  5. Might be interesting just for collecting the models

  6. 'Tanks' for the review!

    Not the biggest fan of historical stuff. I'd be more apt to try it if it was sci-fi.

    I suppose you could add in an appropriately scaled separatist tank.

  7. I can’t wait to get my hands on this game…surprisingly affordable too from what I’ve seen

  8. Great review, thanks for covering this one, I was curious as to how it played. You should do a WoT batrep.

  9. Thanks for the review. Looks interesting but I’d rather the nations be factions that can’t generally be mixed. Feels weird to run a Panzer next to a Sherman. Best tank board game that’s short is FINAL ACT. So good! Check it out.

  10. Used to be a big WoT player. This looks like a good game to play with my kids. It's great that you're branching out beyond sci-fi games Crabbok, brings more depth to your channel. I appreciate how candid you are with the game as well, noting both strengths and weaknesses of the game.

  11. Thank you for the gameplay review! I’ve only been painting my tanks so far and only read the rule book one. Seemed easy to follow but a practical example is definitely better.
    In terms of expansions I’m really looking forward to the Tiger I (surprised you didn’t show the fist five expansions they show in the core game) and hope they eventually release the Maus, T-28, and KV-2.

  12. Looks interesting, would like to see some actual gameplay

  13. I also would NOT advise a second core set. Right now the four tanks in the core set are available for individual purchase and G9 also has four new sets of dice, one each for each nation, so you can get more tanks and dice without another large purchase

  14. I’ve always liked play semi historical battles so having an easy tank game seems great

  15. This game looks pretty interesting, and it's cheap! The simplicity of the game definitely means it's more accessible.

  16. As a WoT PC player, I appreciate this look at the game. Not enough to get into, but thank you for going through it because I was very curious.

  17. Britain. Not “England,” though it might end up that way after Scotland et al…. anyway….. good review, I wasn’t interested until now. 😀😂

  18. I think the cards sticking together are just a case of them being glossy, I live in a dry climate and they stick together like yours were.

  19. This is pretty much a re-do of GF9's Tanks game from a few years ago to fit in with WoT. Tanks is a historical version that has a few minor differences. Even if destroyed a tank gets to make a last shot, you can't mix sides (no Germans allying with Brits or Soviets, for example), and national traits. Game play is the same.

  20. They are Flames of war tanks I’ll be able to use the hundreds that I have.

  21. I remember seeing this game and being interested in it, or one extremely similar to it, a few years ago, before the apparent WoT rebranding. I think it was just called "Tanks". Thanks for putting this on, or bringing this back to, my radar.

    I played WoT for a long time (since beta) and loved it, but stopped recently, mainly due to some gameplay and balance reasons.

  22. Nice, seems like a gateway drug for X-Wing

  23. The tanks look cool, but the World of Tanks miniatures game seems too basic. Perhaps simplicity is a selling point to some players, but not me. X-Wing is as "simplistic" as I like, and I prefer Armada and Legion's greater complexity.

    That's why I pledged for the Company of Heroes Kickstarter, which is shipping soon. I love the Company of Heroes video games, so I'm hoping I'll enjoy the board game too. CoH has more units than just tanks, 3D terrain and buildings, capture points, resources, and objectives. It's a more complex game, which appeals to me.

    It would be great if Crabbok checked out Company of Heroes.

  24. Love this game…I know Crabbok loves his terrain, you need to pick up some Battlefield in the Box Terrain to really make that battlefield pop.

  25. If you are looking for comparaison, World of Tank have some similarity to Star Wars X-Wing. And Bolt Action (from Warlord Games) is more like Star Wars Armada. 🙂

  26. I didn't know WG made a miniatures game based off of their game. I wonder if they are planning a World of Warships miniature game?

  27. Perfect system for "Girls und Panzer". Panzer Vor!

    I believe the proper description of this type of game is: It's a 'Beer and Pretzels' game.

  28. Looking forward to trying this out and painting those tanks is going to be great.

  29. Well that's it you have helped make up my mind on purchasing this game. I love miniatures however since joining your channel I'm going broke trying to get something together haha. Worth it! Thanks for the great informative videos.

  30. Played it from from the alpha days on console and about 4 years after its full release before I got tired of it. The miniatures game looks decent. That map though is amazing.

  31. I think I might get this for my son and I to play. He plays the video game and LOVES all the tanks.

  32. While I was watching this video, I found that the upgrade card setup is similar to the armada one. I like the idea of faction specified upgrades in tabletop games. Thank you for all of your help and thank you for your service!

  33. the tanks are so freaking detailed the tank im really interested about for wots is the m26 pershing

  34. When I bought the board game game it didn’t have the Map

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