WINNING My First Comp TANK Games of Overwatch 2! Feat. Seagull, Flats, Jay3 -

WINNING My First Comp TANK Games of Overwatch 2! Feat. Seagull, Flats, Jay3

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Won my first few tanks games in Overwatch 2 with my tried and true Dva but also surprisingly Orisa! The buff makes her really strong and she’s a ton of fun! Can’t wait to keep climbing comp in Overwatch 2! Hope you enjoy the Overwatch 2 Gameplay!

Live on Twitch most days grinding Overwatch and Overwatch 2 soon!
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  1. My first completive game of OW2 after waiting almost 12 hours for that game, thanks playstation was Kings Row! Tick that off my bingo card 🤣

  2. theres still no way of playing overwatch 2 on xbox as of now correct?

  3. This launch was disaster in all aspects of the game

  4. Orisa is broken and is the most oppressive character to 1v1 in any FPS I have seen. She literally never has downtime. I can't believe I am saying this, but I miss playing against shield Orisa. Sigma is OP at the moment and needs a nerf to his left click in some way. Hog feels okay-ish, but he is even more of an ult battery than before. At least his ult feels much better now. Doom is laughably bad and has one of the worst ultimates in the game. Rein is weak right now needs something. Dva is super strong right now. Ball is the most annoying thing in the game right now.

  5. Only Blizzard could actually make the game worse and claim its progress. Every support now plays dps because theyre impossible to kill. Orissa is about as balanced as a fucking drunk hippo. And the community is more toxic than i have ever seen. congrats Blizzard. Now fucking give me OW1 back. this game is a POS.


    42:52 Let’s just take a minute to appreciate how much time and work she put into these videos?
    It's unbelievable, and I think they deserve a lot more than that

  7. I didn't play 50 games comp was already unlocked when I finally joined the servers 4 hours later

  8. hey foks, I know it's disappointing to not be able to get into servers yet.
    That is not Emongg's fault, nor can he do anything about it. I understand mentioning it as part of a comment perhaps, but it is not a positive contribution to the community to be upset about it in creators' chats or comments.
    Best of luck to all of you

  9. This was a disastrous launch! Can't wait for them to fix a lot of the issues.

  10. I can’t tell the difference between emongg and jay3 when they’re talking💀

  11. So…. It’s the same game…..feels very much like “our game is dying so let’s change a few things, have problems because we are blizzard and people expect it from us at this point, relaunch as a new game”

  12. That Uno card on the Reinhart ult was sick!!! Hope to see more of your Orisa, that was awesome

  13. Why is everyone complaining about the characters? Surely just get better at the game and learn the cool downs and have better timing and positioning instead of trying get blizzard to nerf and buff all the characters every season

  14. 杏仁 もちねこ-Annin Mochineko- says:

    OW2 felt so wierd, especially the sound. When either team ults the sound is so muffled that I won't even notice it before I died. However my own ult have a side effect of deafening me. Any settings or solution to fix it?

  15. Now he's got the "Yup Rock" on Sig and the "Yup Rod" on Orisa. What a time to be a tank player

  16. I love how Dva is still the only tank after getting de-meched so she goes from having the most HP and mobility to least HP and least mobility but still has to take space and be scary.

  17. So good having the boys back on stream! Let’s go!

  18. Oʙᴠɪᴏᴜs Hᴀᴍɪʟᴛʀᴀsʜ says:

    Overwatch Queue is lookin pretty good

  19. I just got 27000 gold gun points wot the hek

  20. Those orisa spears were nasty, I miss mine 90% of the time lol

  21. I have a Switch and Xbox. Took 14 hours before I got a Game. Finally at 1am Xbox worked and I played 5 Comp Games it is awesome The feel and look is great. Soon things will be smooth for us all See ya There Add me #Cyberjag

  22. you have to just keep your game running all night

  23. Hey Emongg
    I am not able to play OW2 because Blizzard doesn't accept my phone number. Alot of ppl who use Criclet simply can't play the game. Please bring awareness to this issue if you can. Thanks.

  24. Great video and gamaplay, as always! 🙂
    Somehow iam not able to make my mouse sensitivity, odd in Ow2
    Sth like 3.13% doesn't work only full like 4.00%, 5.00% etc. Is that a bug or sis they change any shet.

  25. Is anyone else having a rubberbanding problem?

  26. This guy talking about getting mid-town and junkertown. I didnt even get in :/

  27. So all the streamers can play just fine since launch, but 1000s of us still haven't been able to login ONCE!? Thanks blizzard…

  28. The Orisa play while their nano Genji killed your team was awesome! Battle cattle! Lol

  29. It would be cool to have a tank/support and flats would be happy too

    Edit: like brig

  30. they did verry well with overwatch 2 its very exciting <3 Texas

  31. Can't relate to this video can't get in the game sadge

  32. The way Rein was terrorizing y'all for the first half of that game

  33. You guys should put on the closed captions. It has NO idea what Emongg is saying. 😂

  34. ive now given up on overwatch but at least you guys can have fun

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