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Will this NEW WW2 Tank game be any good?

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Howdy folks, I have quite a few random Steam games saved that look appealing and I figured why not take a look at this one today. Sherman Commander seems like it could be an interesting game, I remember hearing about this late in the last year and decided it could use some looking into.. let’s go!


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00:00 Video intro
00:50 Intro to Sherman Commander
01:51 Trailer
04:32 Game discussion/speculation
06:27 % chance to hit?
07:14 Final thoughts


Sherman Commander brings a whole new perspective on realism in tactical tank warfare simulation. Presenting the tank as a slow, lumbering war machine that requires the effort of the entire crew to operate. Command your own vehicle together with a whole platoon of Sherman tanks over the most famous theatres of WW2. Take the commander’s seat and give specific orders to your crew and remaining tanks, or open the tactical map to coordinate your actions with accompanying units.

Engage in heavy fighting in the infantry support role and conduct sneaky, maneuver-oriented duels with more heavily armored and harder-hitting enemy vehicles. Being the underdog in those match-ups will require a thoughtful approach, as each mistake may and will have dire consequences. Sherman Commander will feature various battlefields and combat situations across many theatres, and will pit you against a dynamic AI that will attempt to outmaneuver you and put you on the defensive.

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  1. MMP with 'real' 5-man crew. I want to be the gunner. Will this game be ported to PC? If not, I'll wait. Showing the enemy with markers, not real. Though it might reduce the number of cheaters. The graphics are superb. Seeing the Sherman getting hit and losing its turrent is like watching a Russian T-72 being destroyed in Ukraine.

  2. Bruh this concept seems just undoable tbh

    Maybe if you still played as the commander of the tank but more move aroundy like silent hunter than uboat. Then I could kinda see it. Would want tanks like RO2 tho. Think those the best ever done.

  3. This looks like a modern updated version of the old tank simulator "Panzer Elite" from the late 90s.

  4. cool, need this as German Commander…but my PC is slow, so i need it on SeriesX. On PC i play Panzer Elite Redux, old and for me best PanzerSim🤗

  5. Neat. Hopefully it’s not just narrow city streets but has a lot of open battles you can get into.

    Haven’t had a new tank game since Panzer Front.

  6. The voice acting is bad, but it does feel accurate

  7. The guy commanding the tanks sounds like tom hanks

  8. The battle in the trailer seems like it's the battle of cologne, so where is the Pershing

  9. Dude, you left us hanging! whats the dutch version of your name then??

  10. Playway makes a lot of smaller budget mostly "simulator" type games.. Math Chief and possibly (an)other youtuber(s) made videos on them and how they basically come up with all these voncept ideas and trailers and survey how interested people seem in the idea and if it doesn't do as well as they thought, the game just never gets created.

    they have a lot of good games, but a few that I own are in early access and while the devs put posts on steam about all these major updates coming, they just never come. as if the devs are just saying things to keep people buying. May not be the case here, and isn't ALWAYS the case, but just something to keep in mind while waiting for this game..

  11. No, it wont. It will die just like all the other "tank commander" games. It tries to take a place which is already covered by so many games.

  12. I like to see lots of variation of tanks like tank destroyers, assault turretless tanks, heck even flamethrower tanks instead of typical AP rounds

  13. The first few seconds looks incredibly similar to the Last Tiger story in BF5

  14. Looks like a rollercoster ride were you are locked to the tracks shooting at germans

  15. Non of this is gameplay but the idea look promising. The point of these type of trailer is to see if people would want this type of game before they actual make it.

  16. Having those icons on screen surely gives it more "realism". For a terminator robot driving a Sherman tank, probably :)))

  17. Cool looking game. Hope they improve the voice acting.

  18. Hey my birthday is on thr 21st of April as well!

  19. It lost me when it censored the word fuck and fucking ngl

  20. its always ww2 like where's the creativity

  21. Hope the voice acting is just a placeholder.

  22. I can't see this being fun for long…

  23. This game looks realy cool and i wan't to play it! But i have to laugh a bit because this WW2 'murica Soldiers voicelines sounds a bit exaggerated, that it is funny again. 😀

    Greetings from germany and have a great day

  24. seems far fetched, but if it not bye post scriptum

  25. I'll pass, looks like shit and boring!

  26. Tiger commander on the eastern front or during dday would be a lot more fun or even in the closing stages of the war

  27. Is this for mobile and android because I wanna download it

  28. Taking your eyes 'off the action' to look down and click on commands? Hopefully that won't be too fiddly in play – maybe hotkeys?

  29. The end of the Trailer is Actually a reference to Colgone Tank Duel. Where Panther was Hiding at Cathedral and it was unstoppable. Lots of shermans brusted into fire until Brand new Tank Pershing came to the battlefield. Pershing Decided to attack from other Street and shoot him in side.

    But Panther Crew when There wasnt any push on Street where they aiming on wasnt stupid and they pointed theyr gun on Street where pershing was commin.

    Two beasts finnaly saw eachother and German commander was Confused what he saw, it wasnt an sherman but it was heavily armored Tank and US commander was shocked too seeing panther allready aiming at him when he didnt counted with that.

    Pershing Fired frist, hit. Panther crew was Paralized after Getting hit. Another shell came from pershing. And panther was smoking. The crew had to open the hatches and escaped safely.

  30. It looks like another overpromised game…

  31. Need to work on the voice acting because if that's it it sucks.

  32. It meets the gap between the strategy and first player market. I always prefer the strategy with the ability to command a unit when I choose as opposed to a single person doing 4 peoples jobs. Their is a very good reason why tanks have driver, commander, Gunner as a minimum these days.

  33. who else is here because they just bought destroyer the U-boat hunter?

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