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Wii Tanks MARIO MOD is INCREDIBLE! (Complete Game Overhaul)

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Tooni and tfhgyu8282 (mii) battle alongside Mario to fight Bowser’s evil swarm of enemies in this entire game overhaul of Wii Play Tanks! So many things are changed in this Wii Tanks mod, and we battle unrelenting waves of dangerous tanks to eventually save the Mushroom Kingdom!

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→ Check Out Mario Mod:

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Mario Tank:

→ Intro Music: Mick Gordon – Flesh & Metal

→ Outro Music: BotanicSage – Waters of Megalovania

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Tooni is all about TANKS! Wii Tanks, Wee Tanks, Bubble Blaster Battles and other tanks games. Home of the 8282 Empire. Tooni brings epic tanks content from a broad variety of tanks games, which bring forth engaging tank battles that will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you enjoy tanks games, don’t hesitate to subscribe. Tank you!

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  1. Oh my God, Tooni! Thank you so much for playing my Mario mode! I learned a lot from watching a game you played game
    Next time I make the mode, I'll make it easier than Mario mode lol
    I think it's the most difficult thing to do when i make the mode (Actually, I tried to make it easier than Christmas mode)
    The hardest mission was mission 19
    Yeah, I think so, too 😂Mission 19 map is a map where you need to use your brain well You have to think about the escape route in advance to clear the map!
    Anyway, it was June 16th when I started making mario mod
    Of course, I started making the mode by myself
    And a few days later, Big Kitty and I started working together to create Mario Mode
    (Luckily, he saw the Mario mode I made and said he would help me)
    I really appreciate him Without his help, the current Mario mode wouldn't exist
    Did you like both the tank design and the music?
    I hope you like it 😁Also, after the official release of Mario Mode,
    We're planning another mode
    You'll like this mod, too
    Anyway, thank you for playing my mode
    and Thanks to Big Kitty, who will be reading this comment soon. 😉I'll look forward to the game full of swag

  2. This mod makes me wonder what wii tanks could look like if it was remade by Nintendo as a mario game.

  3. You did it!
    You have survived the entire campaign and rescued Princess Peach and defeated the almighty King Bowser!

  4. I wonder what's next on the modding scene. I'd like to see a WW2 themed version.

  5. I'm starting to wonder if there's ever gonna be a Wii Tanks Sonic Mod? I think that would really be something!

  6. Mario maker tensions intensify
    Cool mod and gg

  7. When I saw the bowser tank I was like this tank is to powerful tooni be like no tank is hard

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