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Wii Tanks Fan Games (Season 3 Finale)

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Tank Quest –

Tiny Toy Tanks –

Tanks: The Crusades –

Ballistic Tanks –



Tank Royale.io –

Tiny Tanks –

Table Tanks –

Block Tanks –

PC Plays Tanks –

Toy Tanks –

Wee Tanks –

Season: 3
Episode: 31 (Finale)

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  1. Dang. I guess I’m a psychopath. But maybe if I find my old copy of wii play I’ll get into tanks.

  2. Hey, I like this fishing game, but it's not my favorite.

  3. Some critics that hawk did in wee tanks, like the missing local co op, the visibility of the spring bar, etc; can all be fixed in the options menu

  4. 33:48 oh, i believe it's better like that instead. I hope it won't be addressed

  5. Table tanks is so much fun, my record is 6 minutes

  6. After all these years finally i have them all
    (Also, keep doin what you like! I just want to wacht a person review a random game i never played so i can have the same opinion!)

  7. Some one made a fun 3d multiplayer version on roblox called tiny tanks

  8. Hot take: The fishing game wasn't completely awful. Very jank, but not awful.

  9. I can't believe there is a Wii Tanks guy, but I'm grateful that you exist.

  10. A little update about Wee Tanks at the end there: It's currently available on Early Access on Steam! It's no longer free, but it's still receiving frequent patches and updates. Plus, it's only 9 bucks!

  11. There is a fan game on Roblox called Tiny Tanks and I used to play it alot.
    It shows the potential of Wii Tank like games!


    (lol, sorry for the caps, but I had zero expectation that it would be available when I clicked the link… time to download and install immediately!!)

  13. That ending really hit me because it’s my dream to become a Youtuber and to see you show some emotion to this just makes feel that I need to put responsibility into this like a person thanks for the support

  14. a game you should have at least mentioned is retrograde arena. its on switch and steam and its great. its not really tanks, but the physics and gameplay are relatively similar, and instead of killing tanks outright, you knock them back into red walls. think smash bros + wii tanks

  15. Let's not forget the most famous wii tanks fangame, World of Tanks! Featuring ads with s*xy b*tches!

  16. There's this Wii tanks fan game you should check out It's called world of tanks. it's got micro transactions. historical tanks and a weird camera view. oh and don't forget micro transactions

  17. one of my fav browser wii tanks games from back in the day was Awesome Tanks, my bro and I played it so much.

  18. 30:10 dont make the hit boxes bigger that will disable the jump over bullet thing. Just make the hurt box bigger

  19. Well I guess all that effort from the fans are (Wii) TANKS to you bringing this one game to light, SilokHawk!

  20. Super loved tiny tanks on roblox. Was basically my childhood

  21. Wee Tanks is now $9 for the full version…
    However, they now have Outlined Bullets
    4 Player Multiplayer
    A Shop using Marbles
    Purchasable Campaign Editor Parts
    More Custom Tank Customizability
    4 Players Online (16 upcoming)
    They did fix the spelling errors 🙁
    Game UI looks clean
    Achievements and Unlockables
    and Color Blindness Mode…
    probably more too…

  22. I like tiny tanks I play it a lot and I know a trick to the game pressing through 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. You can skip to the bosses and I think it works but I heard that some thing happened and they had to fix that trick

  23. Lol as long as videos are as well done as this at least I’d watch them, it was engaging you could do something about history sure the algorithm would fuck you but I’m not in your position but i liked that end sequence and I wish you the best

  24. I looked on steam and TankBox is now $4 🤑😎

  25. How did you get the music for Tiny Toy Tanks? Could you, or someone who knows it, link it?

  26. Well sir i like the fishing game thank you very much

  27. Too anyone looking, tanks the crusades now has a tank editor with WAY too many customizable stats that is pretty insane

  28. Clubhouse games has good tanks. It’s different but still good

  29. Tanks having sprint kind of makes sense, though it should be called Boost instead.

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