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Wii Play – Two-Player Tanks! (All 20 Missions)

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This is a capture of me and a friend playing the Tanks! mode of Wii Play for the Wii. This was recorded directly from my Wii (not the Wii U). I’m player one and Drew is player two.

My old two-player footage of Wii Play was only posted in 30 fps, and since Drew and I enjoy this game so much, we decided to record some new multiplayer footage in 60 fps.

I had actually been interested in getting Wii Play since shortly after I got my Wii in early December 2006 because it looked like more of Wii Sports. However, I never got around to buying it until 2011, mostly because I made the mistake of listening reviewers who bashed the game. It’s a shame I waited so long because the game is actually quite fun. It reminds me of a lot of the simple black box NES games I played as a kid.

Tanks! is probably the best game in this title. It looks incredibly simple, but the game is actually very challenging. In the two-player mode you can only complete the first 20 stages, which is a bit disappointing since the single-player mode has 100 stages.

Also, unlike the single-player mode, you don’t have any live with two players. Instead, so long as one player survives each mission, you’ll get to continue on. This actually makes things a bit more challenging. It took Drew and me several tries to beat this mode, but we had fun each time.

Recorded with the Hauppauge HD PVR and the Wii’s component cables at 60 frames per second.

We’re using Wii Remotes.


  1. I remember playing this game every day with my brother, we never beat it. Then one day, moving out of that house, we played it a couple last times in an effort to win before moving out, and we finally did.

  2. Ten years passed before my brother and I arrived at the mission 20

  3. would it still say "final mission" even when you do it again with the same profiles? On single it continues

  4. 赤の方あんまり上手くなくて草

  5. sorry but i just have to complain about the word “all”

  6. me and my best friend growing up played this game SO much and then we got to the last level finally and both died. then she moved rip

  7. I remember beating this game for the first time I felt so proud.

  8. (All 20 stages) me laughes incredibly loud

  9. Nah I would just kill my sister in order to win

  10. anyone else remembers killing each other in the first stages to get the tank kill. The golden days and also the moment my trust issues started

  11. This game had an iphone version, does anyone know what the name is?

  12. They need to make this for the switch like come on it was the best

  13. i miss this game so much i wish they put this on steam as a standalone

  14. I never got to mission 6, because my brother and I would constantly shoot eachother by accident or on purpose on mission 5 or mission 3, even mission 4.
    Now I can’t beat 17 on single player

  15. How do people screen record their Wii games, anything on tv?!?!

  16. i kinda like who when the enemy tanks would switch targets during 2 player games

  17. That’s extremely disappointing you can only do the first 20. Imagine how much more fun it would be if you could do more

  18. Who's going to destroy the most enemy tanks? You or Drew?

  19. You're the blue tank, and Drew's the red one.

  20. Score Results: You destroyed 56 enemy tanks, and Drew destroyed 26, so you won! Congratulations!

  21. Drew don't talk to Mike because he is not your friend, and kick Mike out of your house please

  22. Kinda wish you could do 100 levels and had shared lives. Then only show the score after game over

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