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Why This Is The SCARIEST TANK GAME Ever… – Gunner, HEAT, PC!

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Gunner HEAT PC’s Latest Update added a tough mission that takes place at night! Soviet tanks hide around every corner to ambush you in a lone M1 Abrams. Can I survive?!

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  1. Somehow I managed to complete the "Longer road" mission, first try. I'm pretty sure that's because A: I play way too much war thunder, so I'm used to ranging without a working FCS. And B: because I flanked them. By the way, even if you don't get hit at all, your thermals in the first abrams break, and a little while after, the entire FCS does too. Definitely one of the cooler GHPC missions, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

  2. The parallax rangefinder seems much better than the stadia sights, I have had horrible luck with those in steel beasts on just about every vehicle I've tried it with lol

  3. As a Greek Army Reserve Tank Commander my training started with an M60A5 MOLF before going to a Leopard 2 HEL ✌️✌️

  4. This game aint worth 33 dollars for just war thunder but more realistic

  5. Armored warfare and ghpc which is best

  6. Steel armor blazes of war is wayyy scarier and is a realistic tank game

  7. Love the new scenario, driving along and suddenly alert pops that my Night Sight has been damaged. Cool! I see what’s happening. Degraded gunnery as you progress in the mission! It’s like the old tank gunnery simulator UCOFT! Fight as the situation degrades your tank. Very nice, and then the surprise of being penetrated by the last batch of tanks! How? Why? What’s going on? Then mission briefing and OH YOU SNEAKY BUGGERS!

  8. be nice if the next update be a desert maps

  9. Yea nobody likes the il-2 tank crew for me it is the best tank sim ever made

  10. I’ve just had a fun War Thunder challenge idea – not a multi-vehicle one, but just bringing the RBT-5 up to either top tier or Tigers and Panthers, and ramming enemies, before firing the rockets point blank. It can kill almost everything in the game, I think, as long as it isn’t too low to the ground.

  11. Congratulations on reaching over 40K , You've become one of the most entertsining channels ive seen in a while with your weird goofyness! Hope to see you reach a 100K soon!

  12. Panzer play with spookston on war thunder

  13. 1:57 the human eye (ignoring differences in eyesight, just in general) can detect differences as small as 0.1mm, now 1mm, 0.1. Under the right conditions its possible to see an amoeba with the naked eye. I love early technology that basically hacked your brain instead of relying on computers. fun fact human fingers can sense a difference in height on a 'flat' surface as small as 40μm (micrometers) which is half the width of a human hair.

  14. Panzerpaw I think you should try commanding a tank in squad, the game requires immense teamwork with different assets. You must control a tank crew consisting of real players to fight both enemy infantry and armor. You should give it a try, I’d love to see it 🙂

  15. You need to listen to your commander in this game, he shouts out a lot of enemies that you may not notice at first

  16. DCS is not like steel beasts… steel beasts is not meant for anyone to enjoy except actual soldiers. DCS is a good healthy mix between being a great sim but totally being learnable for anyone.

  17. Has anyone ripped voice lines from Fury and modded them into this game yet? Not the right era but would be interesting to have a celebrity voice cast for the tank crew in the game.

  18. if you think this tank game is scary, try Steel Beasts Pro… far more realistic and on a much larger scale and very, very scary.

  19. This reminds me of playing Armored Fist waaaaay back in the day. A lot prettier, though. You've convinced me to get it

  20. Kinda looks like an updated M1 tank Platoon, do you also have Sabot rounds or just heat? I’ll have to check this game out.

  21. How did you as a tank commander feel about what you see here? Death and destruction, and you'll be expected to suffer through it in times of war?

  22. That's not how ranging actually worked in an M60A1. Ranging was the TC's job. Then there's battle sight. If they would implement the range finder as it truly was it could be far more accurate than it they have kludged it.

  23. I am honestly annoyed with WT, not only are the tanks ridiculous prices but its the only tank game with a lot of MBT's from other countries, GHPC! is a very good game however only having an Abrams is a bit of a bummer (also WT Ground SB is stupid because you cant use the actual Gunner screens your just stuck to a dumb driver view and WW2 gunner scope) Not even mentioning the grind of WT as well.

  24. Dude those are not in focus when you miss… get your eyes checked lol

  25. What was the saying? "Hit it 'till it blows or changes shape"

  26. 4:50 I really love the story or plot to whats been going on, the scenario is a dreadful nightmare

  27. Dude have you heard of steel beasts pro

  28. Commander:- FIN TANK ON
    Gunner:- ON!
    Loader:- LOADED (pulling the gun shield across)
    Gunner :-LASING, FIRING NOW!…. (watches fall of shot) TARGET!
    Commander:- Target stop, HESH BMP on.
    Gunner:- ON!

  29. Tell how you define 'realistic' ? Does it calculate ballistics correctly, the impact on hits, malfunctions, etc?

    Maybe you mean 'realistic' looking…

  30. idk man this game seems too easy, there is no competition and AI too easy to kill, the mission with the abrams was interesting because it is obviously a challenge, but its still way too easy, if you have at least 2 neurons you can dodge everything and first shot kill everything
    War Thunder is still a better tank game because the competition is there and its hard, hence you improve your tanker skills in a way
    you dont improve anything in this game its just boring and uninteresting

  31. No terrain deformation, tracks marks and lack of destruction is a dealbreaker for me.

  32. "It didn't do much… You can see it went through the fuel tank, and some of the ammo…"

    "and some of the ammo"


    If this were a video comment, this would be where I insert stock footage of a violent explosion with the audio amplified so much it completely clips out, color correct everything red, and make the image shake all over the screen.

  33. you kept asking if the tanks you shot are dead like 20 times, tip: if your commander says "re-engage" it means they can't confirm the kill, meaning it's not dead and you should keep dumping rounds in it

  34. I just don't see that much of a difference between this and DCS. Other talk simulators are way better in terms of fidelity. Red Orchestra 2 should be gold standart in this genre.Also. You don't even have to buy Steel Beasts, Steel Armor: Blaze of War is really good too. Even IL-2 is better. This thing feels really incomplete. I don't really see why i should stop playing War Thunder and choose this as this feels and work as arcadish as war thunder. Unless they introduce fully clickable cockpits and ability to leave vehicle and enter another one, this may end up as another bold try in tank sim world

  35. Guten Tag. ich habe für Sie
    es gibt einen guten Vorschlag .Ich möchte Sie kontaktieren, weiß aber nicht wie.Sagen Sie mir, wo kann ich Ihnen darüber schreiben ?

  36. This game is trying compete with War Thunder because it was developed by guys that used to play War Thunder a lot.

  37. screen was shaking cuz you didnt have ur stabilizer on, OR had locked the guns elevation while you were moving.

  38. Co-op would be sick. Imagine neighbours hearing two guys yelling "HE SEES US! FIRE FIRE FIRE! GUNNER SABOT TANK! SHOOT HIM!"

  39. ngl would be cool if you replayed the game since the soviets are in the game with new tanks such as the t80 an t64 and both the east germans and soviets have voiced crews

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