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Which tank has a better protection? PART 3 – WAR THUNDER

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Tanks protection test in WAR THUNDER

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  1. Вы хотябы знаете смысл этой песни и как она переводится с Русского?

  2. I wish plates deformed like that in matches 😂😂

  3. China got that "made in china" ahh plastic armor☠️☠️🙏

  4. All tanks die in one shoot in real life speed and consealment matters the most on a tank thise days second artillery and drones rule the battlefield now

  5. 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

  6. Bruh of course china tank will get blown up what do u expect its made from plastic 😭

  7. What to expect whit the ariete it.got. nerfed :gajin hates italy.

    Yeyy 1 like 🙂

  8. VT4a1真的爛到連中國玩家也罵

  9. Ain’t no way the Sweden tank survived that warthunder needs to fix that

  10. да реализм после попадания может продолжать бой, жалко что в игре нет кинетической энергии и механики hall break (теперь нету)

  11. Sweden's strv 122B+ is just basicly a leopard 2a6

  12. What type of protection?? D***x or like the metals and stuff?😅

  13. Wouah le Leclerc c'est fait atomisé 😂😂

  14. In reality, even if the crew miraculously survives, the tank will be useless.

  15. The Ariete kinda tanked that, only one crew member died

  16. The chinese tank made of chinesium, the weakest element fr

  17. Мне на секунду показалось, что VT-4A1 это Армата 💀

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