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Comparing all the tanks from every GTA Game.

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  1. Old gta tanks if u spam rockets backward is faster than a ferrari

  2. GTA 3, VC and 4 tanks: Small pp
    GTA SA tank: Medium PP
    GTA V tank: Big pp

  3. and gta 3 and vice city aint tanks too

  4. Ah yes the highly scientific whack the car with the cannon test

  5. In gta san andreas the tank cannot be destroyed by rockets too , but the 🔥 of the rocket will do damage try it try

  6. In all the ps2 gtas and the psps all the tanks were able to shoot backwards to get a speed boost

  7. Какой ещё ramming для GTA 3???? Там бы все взрывалось при косновении!!

  8. GTA 4 APC has explosive cannon
    It's based on Russian BRDM armoured scout car with 14.5 mm KPVT heavy machine gun

  9. Dude idk why you did a barrel measuring contest cause when you think about it it doesn’t even matter you know? Like who cares about the size of the barrel when it comes to the personality of the tank. Honestly that’s why GTA 4 is PLENTY for a tank barrel. Anyone asking for anything more is asking for WAY TOO MUCH

  10. Зачем я это посмотрел…

  11. Best looking one is San andreas one
    It only needs gta 5 graphics

  12. In GTA III and Vice city, in the collision test with the cars that they smash, it shoud explode near instantly. Really in they original games, they never smash cars, they explode and go away. San Andreas is the exception that sometimes the touch wasn't enought to explode and sometimes it smash the another cars. And for destroy them, with the molotov coctel or flametowers.

    But anyway, I loved this video. My like!

  13. Nothing can ever stop the train. How strong is the train?😐

  14. If im right the only tank here is the rhini due to it being the only vehicle with tracks.

  15. When you get how stars just to get the tank and store it in your garage.. those was the days💙

  16. I cracked when he sped up the slamming with the barrel on the cars with the SA and V tanks😂😂😂

  17. GTA San Andreas Tank Is Too God And It's Look Better Than GTA 5 Tank

  18. GTA San Andreas tank is more realistic than GTA 5 tank

  19. G2abbwnza2wwwñlyh-ujy8iiimgtan-opi9[yjmgtedbcfsfx! says:

    GTA III tank vietnam
    GTA Vice City Laos
    Gta iv cambodio
    Gta San andres Colombia
    Gta vi Ecuador
    That’s their 🍆 size

  20. 4:52 sometimes i do this when i'm bored using my tank in history mode

  21. Great video, a bit strange that you didn't add the Khanjali though, the Rhino tank just isn't very good at all, would've been super interesting to see how the Khanjali stood up agsinst the others.

  22. Vice city when u turned the Canon to the back for boost

  23. 최강 탱크는 칸잘리 하 하

  24. shenanigans, in GTA 3 and Vice City even if you just nudged another car with the tank it would explode

  25. Try next tanks from gta 3/vc blocking in tunnel from train and block this tank between the wall and tank so he can train ram this tank

  26. The gta 4 one is not a tank it’s a apc and the tank from San Andreas is the only one that make since because it’s based on the abrams also comparing all of them in gta 5 isn’t a good comparison because the mods are gonna use the vehicles in the game as base for the modded vehicles

  27. You kind of forgot the speed boost for the Rhino of San Andreas!

    All you had to do was rotate the turret at your six o' clock and fire!

  28. el de san andreas se puede romper hasta con la motosierra y con el ramo de flores jsjsjsj

  29. I mean no offence.. But the noose one is a APC not a tank might wanna learn the difference next time 😊

  30. GTA lll & Vice City tanks: Everyone peels me off😎

  31. You're basically god if you have a Vice City Tank in GTA 5 right now

  32. SA가 에이브람스 전차를 기반으로 했기에 최고다

  33. Is it just me or when he shoots the GTA 3 tank the rockets say blow up if u listen carefully

  34. I like the Tank The Sa One, Its stronger!! Dont know Why

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