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What Tank Combat Sounds Like

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Tank games usually don’t have the greatest sound effects, especially when it comes to crew voices, but Gunner HEAT PC flips that paradigm on its head. The sounds in GHPC are absolutely fantastic, especially the crew voice lines. It’s kinda scary how realistic they are, and how they managed to get tank fire commands down-pat. Check the game out and give the team some support.

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Gunner HEAT PC – Main Menu OST
Halo 3: ODST – Rain (Deference for Darkness)

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Epic Thunder (Pre-release)

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  1. I don't even like tank simulators (other than Arma 3) but this seems dope af and the voice lines actually make my skin crawl (in a cool way) from the intensity of combat which never ever happens to me

  2. What I don't like is the thought that every single engagement could sound the same. Like i fear that the same worried voice will be heard even if you outnumber the enemy

  3. Steel Beasts players be like: Yep, that's what we do basically.

  4. I hope they do an interior. That was one thing that really set RO2 apart from a lotta other games with a tank combat for me.

    Also shit did that BRDM just take a 120mm round without getting shredded in the end there?

  5. cant wait for the east german/russian crew voices…

  6. I imagine this is going to be like "Steel Beasts" except updated and modern, without becoming the Pro PE version.

  7. Sound design is one of the key elements of any good game. If it creates immersive atmosphere then you can forgive other aspects like graphics.

  8. I play War Thunder with Girls und Panzer crew voice mod, the crew sounds serious and excited at the same time

  9. It's sad it's multiple games and not just 1 game, if they work with DCS, it will be cool to play aircraft and tank.

    Eerie as fuck

  11. Been seeing all sorts of clips from this game on some videos but only now do I get a name. Thank you for bringing more attention to it, sounds like its going to blow up 🙂

  12. After Squad's last update that changed tank crews it freaked me the fuck out when I was lobbing HEAT at some enemies and I heard someone right behind me scream "HEAT LOADED! GUN UP!"

  13. Just missing the INCESSANT hydraulic pump whine.

  14. There's a reason why tank sound are bad in every game: militaries of nations doesn't allow anybody near their vehicles to record sounds 😀

  15. Cant really make the sounds sound like real without waking up the whole neighborhood, this sounds kinda nice tho. Cannot simulate the jumpiness of terrain for controls/stick and the clarity on that thermal… that could be fixed.

  16. Developer must either have a former tanker on their team or consulted with actual tankers. If I still had my PC, Warthunder would be taking the back burner. This looks AMAZING.

  17. is that arrow equal to target acquisition? mean the commander marks the target?
    by the way: ATTACK D POINT OH MY GOD!!

  18. oh man! this is so cool! my dream/goal in life is to be a tank crewman in the british army, your channel has been a great inspiration to me and has helped further my knowledge of armoured vehicles, much love fropm the uk!

  19. I Served on an M1A1 for 10 years between all crew positions. If I were screaming like that i would be told to calm down and take a breath. You definitely want to be loud, but not obnoxious, and you don't want to sound like you've lost control. This crew is right on the cusp of sounding like they've lost control.

  20. Gunner is the person who announces which round is Indexed. Not the Loader. For example, "Sabot Indexed" will be announced by the gunner in a crew report to let the commander know which round the fire control system is set to, for the proper ballistic data for that round. "Sabot Loaded" is pretty self explanatory for the loader saying a Sabot round is in the tube.

  21. The one thing tank games don't get right:

    If you're not in a swing seat in the driver's hole, and you go above 30kph, your eyes rattle in their sockets.

  22. Saw this at like 5 AM. legit the most realistic tank game I have ever seen. I love it

  23. "the driver, he's unconscious!" yeah i doubt he's "just unconscious" after a 75mm shell hit him square in the face.

  24. why does no one make a game where you have multiple players controlling one tank, as in real life. Seems that's the best way to go if you want to make a proper tank sim.

  25. a bunch of iguanas with internet acces says:

    Squad also has some really great tank voice lines. Sometimes the loader says the proper line like "Up", but it randomly uses lines like an urgent "shoot that motherfucker" or someother variation. Squad also has some of the sexiest sound effects you'll ever hear. From simple things like reloading a MAAWS, to the literally terrifying sound of an M1s engine if you're playing as an insurgent.

  26. WT Crew: Telepathic collective mind that doesn't need any commands
    Regular Crew: S C R E A M I N G

  27. bro i was chilling scrolling through comments then boom ODST music, man that shit hits deep like an apfsds round

  28. I've seen this piece before on some stream or video and desperately tried to find it on steam or something. I can only imagine how dope of a full game this would be! I'll check it out.

  29. Nothing more unprofessional than screaming down your CVC like that ahahah "Realistic" yeah.

  30. so realistic you'll get an empty gatorade bottle to piss into while you're playing

  31. Ooh they even got the loader in there yelling up.

  32. *T-72 gets spotted*
    Tank crew: *Keemstar screaming*

  33. Can you play as the Eastern Bloc in this game?

  34. As a tank gunner of ROKA, I am very impressed by gunners perspective. It actually works just like the turret!

    (And no. Korean Army never purchased M60 nor m1ip, but the reticles and the mechanism is basicaly same.)

  35. Not enough engine whine, hydraulic pump noise, sprocket squeal, and track slap in the background for realistic sound. There's a LOT of background noise in an armored vehicle.

    And a professional crew should not be screaming. Inflection to clear background noise yes, but experienced tank commanders aim for calm clear delivery. Not saying screaming isn't realistic, but it definitely is not the target for an experienced crew.

  36. i hope there will be a CO-OP Mode where i can hope in the gunner Seat and a friend can be the Driver.

  37. VC: Gunner! Can! Infantry in open
    Loader (with as much excited aggression as possible): U P!!!

  38. Dismount with Konkurs launcher: *reloads with malicious intent*
    M60 commander, after you derped your first HE into the hillsides 500m behind the target: "AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN"

  39. Have you ever looked into steel beasts, spook? I don't know if simulator level is your dig, GHPC is kind of the happy medium there for most people. But Steel beasts is an absolute blast when you figure it out

  40. this isn't what tank combat sounds like, this is a video game. friggin clickbait!

  41. "the radio operator gunner, he's knocked out" the commander said calmly

  42. Looks and sounds like Steel Beasts, and that's a good thing

  43. the voice intensity should change on wether the crew is in serious danger or not

  44. Novalogic's Iron Fist series had some great sound effects.

  45. Love watching those rusty t-72 turrets dancing in the air as they get ammo racked 😌

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