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Welcome to the TANK GAMES!

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The Tank Games are here! It’s a series that is finally getting a better and easier name which is loved by many. We start things off in the Type 5 Heavy and then play whatever kills us! The twists are pretty twisting if I do admit. Now, let’s see what the game throws at us and what we will have to play next!


l FlyinEgg l

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  1. Type 5 and fv4005 with advanced reload is pretty fun. Just wish it was a perk

  2. Clone I love the commentary pls keep it up I love this series pls keep them coming I was lmao when u had to spend 2.4k on the o ho

  3. “Can’t really brag when you’re in an E4” very true

  4. Surprised you haven’t done a video on the arty nerfs and there focus on nothing but Cold War great video man.

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