We made a Multiplayer Tanks game in 1 week! | Devlog 2 | UE 4.26 / Blender 2.9 - panicarts.com

We made a Multiplayer Tanks game in 1 week! | Devlog 2 | UE 4.26 / Blender 2.9

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In this weeks devlog we develop a multiplayer battle bots/tanks game!

We use the Unreal Engine Steam Online Subsystem for matchmaking and use peer-to-peer networking for the multiplayer of our game.

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This video’s timestamps:

0:00 – Intro
2:20 – Talking about requirements for this weeks devlog
4:27 – Intro to our matchmaking
6:23 – Intro to the tank gameplay
7:17 – Starting on the networking
8:34 – Designing multiple tank variations
9:03 – Programming multiple tank variations
9:56 – Tank Game result montage
11:33 – Outro

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  1. Could you please make a tutorial on the tank construction? I’m now working on a simple tank and I feel stuck.

  2. hi bro is posible buy template tanks…thank you so much..

  3. Just looking at this I want to make my own stuff but I only know how to model (I'm an artist, that part is no issue). So much to learn! Maar je kanaal kan er misschien bij helpen.

  4. Rij d'r maar overheenNice to see other dutchies in the global web. Especially when they do interesting stuff 🙂 Nice game!

  5. hi
    can make video tutorials for make this game

  6. i'm so glad to join in this youtube channel! you guys Rock! i'm sure that you will reach 1M subs really fast! You have an amazing video editing, cool ideas, share your contents with us…
    The best part of all is that i started to learn unreal engine a few days ago, like you guys started this youtube channel!
    Remember me when you reach the 1M subs guys! i'm the sub number 83!

  7. Amazon free tier works for what you're doing as long as you don't have a huge influx of players

  8. I don't understand why this video only got this many views and likes

  9. remember me when you get to 1 million subs

  10. You all are so comedic liked your content, you got another sub

  11. Awesome video. I'm sad that there isn't a tutorial for the tank.

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