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War Thunder vs World of Tanks || Which Game Is BETTER?

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* Overall Gameplay Experience: 1:48
* Different Game Modes: 9:50
* Diversity & Arrangement Of Vehicles: 12:43
* Grind To The Top: 17:48
* Real World Money Influence: 21:07
* Conclusion: 25:12

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  1. I played wot open beta and even made it all the way to the tiger f2p but I was also playing wt for air. Once wt added ground I haven't touched wot since. I appreciate you tried to be diplomatic with his video but you can't spend 25 minute saying "war thunder has xyz and wot has… Premium ammo? Artillery?" And just say it's different folks different strokes.

  2. War Thunder is only better because the tanks are bigger than in World of Tanks.
    WT is a paytowin game, the grind is very long even with premium accounts, there are rarely events, the game is totally unbalanced.
    There are only 3 good nations in War thunder that are USSR, USA and Germany the rest is garbage.
    So World of Tanks is better for having more marketing, events and the possibility to get free premium account. If one day they increase the size of the tanks to look more real this game will break the War Thunder ! And not because War Thunder is better or worse, but because the company behind WT (gaijin) is a trash.

  3. From what I've heard from both communities, you shouldn't spend your money on either.

  4. Is it much of a question or thunder wins 10 out of 10

  5. Well I like more War Thunder because it has much more diversity than WoT.

  6. War thunder players in real war be like: i shoot in the back of turret why ammo rack didint explode😫😭

  7. world of tanks is better because its more realistic graphics and way speed tanks and the game itself more challenging since u know how to recochate and anything

  8. When I buy PC gaming I will download war thunder first ❤️

  9. War Thunder has a much more bearable grind than WoT. In War Thunder you are able to play any tank of the nation while researching one vehicle at a time, keeping the gameplay diverse without slowing down the grind. In WoT you have to play the very tank that comes before the tank you want to unlock in order to unlock it. The further up the treeline the worse it of course gets, if there is one tank in the middle of the line you do not really like, while the tanks after it are very nice, you are forced to bore yourself with that one tank. Also relative to War Thunder in WoT it seems like you get way less XP and credits. In WoT you need excellent matches to build up the credits, because even standard ammo costs credits. A few average matches wont bring up much. You have to also unlock modules for your tank, before being able to unlock the next one, which makes the grind extremely long and a premium tank only really helps with credits, not XP, unless you want to pay for the XP. In War Thunder the module and vehicle research is separate from each other, premium vehicles boost XP and the credits (silver lions), no need to put extra money in it for the XP. War Thunder also offers a lot more opportunities than WoT.

  10. Both good game
    War thunder more realistic related
    World of tanks more pleasure related


  12. There is no difference between two greedy capitalist companies betraying their game's origins with equally idiotic zombie whale communities supporting every decision.
    World of tanks and War Thunder parent companies both can go defunct and I would not care if their employees starved to death.

    I started War Thunder to get away from the decaying world of fakes RNG paper creep nightmare and finally have the mild simulation historical aspect… and what do they do? Time travelers and increasingly stupid mechanics everywhere. Worse yet are the child tier boomer whales that flooded in like a plague to crash the discourse into a product consoomer frenzy [now consistently every single patch]. 1960's M51 and 80's wehrb box adding to the disaster in WWII brs soon™

  13. Wot: tons of fun, great time.
    WT: ever heard of pathologic? Yeah that but with tanks.

  14. War thunder is better because war thunder got realistic graphics do we got war thunder on mobile 📱 android smartphone

  15. World of Tank : Good Map, Good Music, The upgrade feature is very good, Easy game

    War Thunder : More types of tanks, There are fighter planes and there are battleships to play with, The upgrade feature is not good, HARD GAME

  16. i used to play world of war tanks but i quit, later i found war thunder and started playing that
    Edit: lucky leopard you forgot about something, how much disk memory size each game takes from you when you download it, 50 GB for WOT (world of war tanks) and 40 GB for WT (War Thunder)

  17. “WT has rockets, WoT doesn’t”

    Me: laughs in Sheridan missile

  18. The True GunGinGinGa • 29 Years Ago says:

    What hell to expect if you're transitioning:

    War Thunder -> World Of tanks
    -Artillery is hell
    -Broken Matchmaking
    -Need to pay REAL money to have access to more powerful shells
    -Tanks that never existed
    -Seal clubbers (Pros who bully noobs for higher wirate)
    -10% of the grind are tiers I – V, the other 90% is the grind from VI – X
    -Completely RNG based game
    -"Crew Stun"
    -WAYYYY more russian bias than war thunder
    -Mediorce maps
    -Can't use multi turrets/machine guns, (Ex. M3 Lee can shoot all guns on WT but not on WOT)

    World of tanks -> World of tanks
    -Artillery is not hell, but now planes are hell
    -Anti aircraft is in shambles (Wirbelwind)
    -War thuder grind is fucking horrible,
    -Repair cost (If your vehicle dies, have fun paying 45k Ingame currency if your using a high tier vehicle)
    -"Crew will be on a mission"
    -Stupid fucking Italian R3s
    -Less rng based, but still rng based because gaijin decides where your shell lands, not you!
    -ALOT of seal clubbers, Top tier is a mess and no one plays it
    -Atricious Battle ratings (Tiger 2 fighting Cold war era tanks)

    I've played both, and can say both are fun and horrible

  19. i QUIT WOT AFTER 10 YEARS….game isnt interesting anymore…still the invissable tanks, aiming time, liniar gameplay…I went back to WT….planes mashine guns on your tank that work, and you can shoot beyond 1000 meters….plus the whole gameplay is better made, tanks look great! Sounds as well WT it is:D

  20. world of tanks is fuc….. shitttttttttttttttt

  21. You forgot the fact that pretty much the only way to get the fucking camo bushes in WT is to buy them for real money, unless you want to grind for 100000000 million years, effectively making it so that you can become a practically invisible bush camper if you have the money to buy 10 of them, which is annoying as hell. I love WT and I would never come back to WoT after playing this game, but goddamn I hate campers in video games too much not to complain about this

  22. isnt the whole point of playing games is to have fun??? well the game that is more entertaining to you is the better one!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I've played Wot alot back then and if was fine at first but it started getting repetitive and I didn't feel any motivation to continue as you only see tanks and there is nothing special about the tanks as they only have one gun and no machine guns and no planes, no complicated as hell mechanice, WT on the other hand is regularly updated like every few months with amazing mechanics, quality of life and fixes, there are some annoying bugs but the variety of what you can bring to battle is always fun

  24. Both games have this infuriating thing , you start the game , you do the tutorial,you buy some new tanks then you get stuck, you can t research anymore tanks, well you still can but you are reaserching them very slowly

  25. Of course there is vertical bullet drop in Wot, especially on artlery which is built entirely around this system

  26. Tried both wot and wt. They sucked

    – guy who is suffering from skill issue

  27. If you like campers and cheats, this game is for you.

  28. I see world of tanks as a cheaper substitute if I can't play warthunder

  29. War thunder sucks you have to pay to play with that thing it's not fun you show up on the battlefield and then you die yay screw this game I hope the company goes under.

  30. War Thunder players: * constantly complaining about how bad WT is and how annoying Gaijin is*
    Also War Thunder players: WT is still better than WoT tho

  31. they need a PVE for beginners I just started and keep getting smashed the frustration sets in before the experience comes and it makes me want to quit.

  32. the menu for changing your controls in war thunder is the size of new york.

  33. Wot is an simple game used by most players like me war thunder will hurt you and give you pain cause it is insanely difficult to grind in war thunder I've been playing for 2 years now and only have an panther and tiger yet it took like 3 months to get to maus in WOTB war thunder is trash

  34. War thunder: nooooooo my cannon isnout 40 minutes of repair after 40 minutes third game a lost.

    Wot: hh is just a cannon 8 sec kabooom – 20HP

  35. I swear everyone who is arguing in this comment section has no idea how to spell, everyone else is good tho.

  36. I've play both games. Wot is alot of fun and WT is for when I really want to immerse myself as a tank enthusiast. Wot is easy to play and WT is way more complicated but that makes it fun in its own way.

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