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War Thunder vs World of Tanks || Which Game Is BETTER?

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* Overall Gameplay Experience: 1:48
* Different Game Modes: 9:50
* Diversity & Arrangement Of Vehicles: 12:43
* Grind To The Top: 17:48
* Real World Money Influence: 21:07
* Conclusion: 25:12

Thanks for watching! Make sure to let me know what your favorite game is in the comment section down below! But please be nice to each other… xD
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  1. Stop playing these shits, get out of your room and make gf

  2. I literally have the blitz version of wot but I play both, wt and wot

  3. WoT I think is better for more casual players, and WT is going to be better for people who are REALLY into tanks and such.

  4. There is one other thing in WT: Talismans. They cost real money currency, and can 'convert' a tech tree tank into a 'premium' tank. There's ways to get rarely free talismans (as there's ways to get rarely free premium tanks in WoT).

  5. Invisible tanks and rng is why I quite WoT as soon as I got a computer.

  6. WoT: Fuck arty
    WT: Fuck aircraft
    Me: Fuck anything that comes from the goddamned sky

  7. The only pro I'll give WoT is that I can play it on my phone. If I told my phone to run WarThunder it would explode in flames.

  8. When I playing war thunderr, I always thinking about find a good cover, because I felt my armor like egg shell.
    then after you were kill some people. The SKY will avenge.

  9. Wt is russian bias and wot is russian bias.

  10. Imagine getting one-shotted by planes, come to World of planes.
    -This post was made by the Wargaming (WoT) gang

  11. I’m a war thunder fan, and for me, it’s a straight up win for my game, no need to discuss. The fact that world of tanks has pay to win ammo and so many op premiums and exclusive clan vehicles immediately cut it for me. I thought about trying world of tanks when I was looking for a tank game; to be honest, the biggest thing that war thunder got me in the first place was the Abrams. But after I tried war thunder, I’m just glad I didn’t even give the other game a second thought.

  12. WoT: omg health points so realistic

    WT: Crew Knocked Out

  13. War thunder is realistick
    Wot is easy and chiller game

  14. Both have cancerous communities and yet I still play both, if you want to play wot and play the tanks you want, just wait for the test server, wt well just play the planes on it

  15. I play war thunder for 2 months and i already have 4 top tier tanks

  16. I was in avid WOT ( console) player for years, since it releases on XBOX.
    It just became insanely stupid with the capabilities of light tanks, especially that dumb ass Armadillo that came with the equally dumb ass GI Joe tanks from the cartoon.

  17. If u want fun go to wot

    If u want tp grind go to wt

  18. In war thunder I shoot the turret once and bam their destroyed

  19. WoT: nice to see the planes. . .
    WT: Is that a PE-8?!?!? GET THE HELL OUTTA THERE!!!!!

  20. I dont understand why everyone is arguing over 2 games that just have in common tanks and grind.

  21. I am wot and wt player from my point of view is that if you hate your life play wt where everything hate you(yes,i am serious since i lost my driver because i hit a small pile of trash while moving at speed of 12km/h). But if you kinda hate your life pick wot where its way easier to grinding and more friendly to newbie also easier to become a bully but remember there is always a rat waiting in the corner.

  22. I prefer War Thunder after i grinded a lot in both games.. But it is far from perfect. Also it is far from realistic, it only gives you a realistic feeling.

  23. I used to play wot, it was my favorite game, but since they broke it about a year and a half ago, I immediately went to play war thunder and now, I can't play wot
    and in WT I am already making another 11.0 br tank

  24. WW2 Fanatic XD yeah I like fighting modern tanks in war thunder

  25. Regarding how long it takes to grind to top tier in war thunder, we can probably estimate the time it takes somewhat efficiently. Looking at the German ground tech tree, we can approximate the bare minimum amount of vehicles required to reach top tier tanks will combine to around 3.5 million research points (probably not too accurate but somewhere around 3-4 million rp usually). If we assume to make 2.5k rp every victory, half of that every loss and have a 50% winrate (the stats of about an average player without premium time), and it takes us 10 minutes to finish 1 battle, it would take us 1866 battles to finish grinding all the vehicles. Convert this into hours and you get ~311 hours, but the number doesn’t seem very accurate as I have a similar amount of battles with German tanks and am about to get the 2A5, but I just have over 600 hours in the game. And if you play an hour a day, then that’s at least 1 year worth of grinding for rank 7 vehicles. Yeah. 1 year, minimum, not even including the sl costs for each vehicle (up to a million+250k to crew your rank 7 vehicle). So unless if you grind smart or give money to the snail, you’re quite screwed. Have fun grinding everyone, you’ll probably have to sell your soul to gaijin in the process.

  26. Played WoT as a kid .. then installed WT and sticked with it till this day .. There is no comparison Imo .. I feel like the only players who prefer WoT are those who have not experienced WT..

  27. So, as I see WT wins the vote? I played 50k+ games in WoT, but it did bother me why it's not more realistic, hopefully I'll fint that in WT.

  28. WoT is an arcade game, WT is a simulator game. They are different: WoT is better for gaming sport while WT is better for lovers of simulators

  29. watches drama on youtube between people arguing wich game is better while playing wot blitz*

  30. summary: WoT is more casual and for more casual players, it's simpler but more dynamic. Wt is a game for more commited players that want to take the realism to a higher level.

  31. War thunder isn't fun, but it is very addicting

  32. About WoT "premium shells", they only really offer better penetration values vs the normal shells. A few years back they were only available to purchase with premium currency bought with real life money. Now they're available for normal in game currency but they're not cheap.
    I personally keep a mix of 80% regular ammunition, 10% premium ammo (for mirror match-ups or vs heavily armored foes), and 10% HE shells for very obscure situations

  33. Tanks with healthbars ahahaha xD, enough, WT wins.

  34. i have tier X in wot and 11.0 br in warthunder i have no life at this point tbh

  35. WoT: Wow look it's a plane
    WT : Why do I hear a siren?

  36. "If you shoot the commander's hatch in Warthunder you won't kill the tank you're shooting at as youre not critically damaging them"

    Tiger I cupola sweating nervously

  37. There's actually 4 different game modes for war Thunder Realistic Battles, Arcade Battles, simulator Battles and Ground assault arcade which is basically Arcade Battles it's just layed out as a defensive game mode instead of a capture all the points gamemode.

  38. i came here out of frustration about WT, just to sadly realize that it can be worse 🙁
    This should be no reason for Gaijin to keep nerfing it's already horrendous economy.

  39. I know this is a little old now but this was great to watch and thought me a lot of their differences. As I only play wot and I was wondering what the differences were.

  40. I like that he is playing realistic instead of arcade. Arcade i honestly similar to WoT with the whole seeing people through buildings but you get all the "realistic" war thunder mechanics

  41. Bro add to wot the tank picking system where u get 1 round where u shreed enemy and 1 enemy shreeds u and if u get thrown on 2 tiers more then u can do nothing cus there will be 5 tank Ur tier 7 higher and 3 like 2 higher that u cant damage in weakpoint when using standard ammo and gold cost like thousands more if u use it

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