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War Thunder Vs World of Tanks Comparison – Which Game Is Best For You?

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War Thunder and World of Tanks are the Big Two when it comes to multiplayer WWII vehicle games. While they are both based around the same concept, they are also incredibly different, with each game focusing on totally different aspects of gameplay to deliver vastly different experiences when comparing the two. Between the incredibly different graphics, monetization, and controls, these are two totally different beasts. With that in mind, which of the two should you play? Which is best for you? I go over all of that and more in my video – War Thunder Vs World of Tanks – Which Game Is Better For YOU?!?

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Notes that I had when creating this video, comparing both games:

– WoT will keep your tank in battle, making it inaccessible after combat until its match is over. In addition to this, you only get one life per match. In War Thunder, your vehicles are typically useable, even if you die in a match and the match is still going on. This is only typically not true when someone leaves when they have other vehicles that they can spawn into. Speaking of, in War Thunder, you have the ability to spawn into numerous tanks, regardless of if you’re playing in arcade, realistic, or sim matches. This spawning is directly tied to how well you do, with positive actions, such as base caps and killing the enemy, resulting in more spawn points, of which will allow to spawn in more vehicles and, occasionally, use a nuke.

– Shots in World of Tanks are absolutely wild and have little to do with skill, whereas a skilled, and somewhat lucky, tanker in War Thunder can hit a tank while while on the move from nearly a kilometer away, with gun laying not affecting the dispersion of your shots, but rather only where your barrel is pointed.

– In my experience, the economy in War Thunder is far more favorable for the players, as matches in which I lose currency are almost unheard of with premium time, whereas in World of Tanks, it is quite different. While you can earn money, it is substantially less compared to the costs. Ammo in WoT is far more expensive in general.

– Different zoom capabilities in War Thunder vehicle, whereas World of Tanks vehicles are all the same zoom between 2x and 8x. For example, it is so specific in War Thunder that the Tiger II (P) has slightly lesser zoom due to different optics than the Tiger II (H).
– You cannot replace modules in War Thunder. For example, the cannon on every tank will remain the same and is not replaceable with a different cannon. In War Thunder, however, you can earn module upgrades that you earn by doing actions in matches that earn RP. For example, you can unlock new ammo types for your vehicle, a better suspension, more horsepower, night vision, etc.
– War Thunder has electronics to consider, such as thermals and night vision, which is not anything that World of Tanks has.
– War Thunder has artillery that you can call, whereas World of Tanks has usable artillery
– War Thunder allows you to use your secondary armaments, such as MGs or ATGMs, to attack enemies, whereas World of Tanks just lets you use your cannon. These secondaries can often times kill enemies in War Thunder, making them invaluable.
– In War Thunder, you have limited vehicle slots, whereas in War Thunder, you can buy literally every vehicle in the game with no issues. Where it limits you is in your crew spots, which directly limits how many vehicles you can have in a lineup to use in a single match at any one time.
– You can use SPAA in War Thunder, of which are often necessary due to the inclusion of close air support in War Thunder.

– Graphics in War Thunder are, from my perspective, better and are definitely more realistic. WoT has much brighter and more arcadey graphics. War Thunder also has accurate damage modeling systems, at least when compared to World of Tanks. For example, an ammo rack in the Tiger II is placed properly in War Thunder and will gradually become less of a risk of explosion as you deplete it of ammunition.

– World of Tanks seems like a front to encourage gambling from a young age, whereas War Thunder, while still monetized, at least focuses on gameplay much moreso than World of Tanks.

Some people might ask why I went over War Thunder a bit more than World of Tanks. This is simply because it has more to go over than World of Tanks. World of Tanks is a simpler game with fewer features, vehicles, and capabilities. Does this make it bad or worse than War Thunder? By no means. It’s just a different experience.


  1. Wot is simply pure fun for casual(not so young) players, easy, fast and reminds me the cod mw2.

  2. conclusion: both games suck dont start playing any of them and think about your mental health

  3. sometimes i can tell what tank is somewhere near me just hy sound specially the tiger1s i can tell their engine noise

    becouse i love tank history ik agles wher rico shell nolomication and more

  5. Wot is suffering.
    Get Emill II if you going to play Wot.
    Every map has hills. Match making will make your no depression tank in hill map.

    Get Emill II. Or Leopard 1.
    Laser accuracy is what you need if you have potato connection.

  6. In almost 2 and a half years of playing war thunder ive oy had 2 ghost shels i didnot even know they existed untill recently

  7. Tankenstein your volume was a bit low for this video

  8. Wot player here, and a frequently annoyed history buff. Question for you war thunder guys – do you actually patronize a company who's name appears on your monthly statement as japanese for "barbaric honkey"? It wouldn't bother me if I hadn't seen it on signs between the words "no" and "allowed". Lol

  9. I find the grind in World of Tanks much easier than in War Thunder and less frustrating, and though both games suffer from pay to win/pay to upgrade issues, i've quit WoT after 8 years of playing it, as a heavy player and a f2p, getting seal clubbed by some wallet warrior with a fully equipped vehicle and spamming gold ammo on heavy tanks is just not fun at all.

    War Thunder suffers not only from balancing issues, but also design choices by the devs, who constantly implement vehicles or mechanics to the game with no prior testing, and rarely has the playerbase opinion mattered when discussing the implementation of features or vehicles, and when it mattered, it was in a sort of "Monkey's Paw" way, where we got our desires but in a twisted way.

    Both games are really enjoyable, but sometimes they are just too frustrating and suffers alot from the greedy devs and toxic players that just don't help it either.

  10. idk why in world of tanks the tanks look smaller

  11. i appreciate warthunder more now, despite the soul sucking.

  12. Shell normalisation differences based on shell type are in WoT though.

    APCR shells ricochet easier than AP, HE doesn't normalise since they detonate on contact, and HEAT shells have a higher threshold for ricochet.

    It's just that armour models and such have to viewed on an external site rather than in the garage like in WT

  13. Do you buy sl? How do you afford the vehicles?

  14. I see Bias here in this video, this guy have a lot of footage about WT than Wot, and he only have T8 the Tiger 2 and E75 and he played some low tier vehicles, it's hurts to my eyes, Wot players are just minding their own business and most of WT vs Wot comparisons are WT player, Haiyah.
    First of all I am a tiger main in WOTB and the playstyle of WOTB and Wot Might be the same.

    1:20 he even didn't put the fire off, it's shows he have very bad gameplay there, the red HP bar is already clear to his front and he didn't even manage to turn his tank to the left to deflect the enemy fire, E75 and Tiger 2 Have Impressive frontal armor, but he fucked up, I'm very disappointed I thought WT players have high awareness, but he got penetrated at the side and burning and I know it's E75, E75 Engine is easily burning, but he still didn't put down the fucking fire!! and also you are Top Tier and already fucked up haiyah.

    3:00 Why he sniping on that tank…. makes me crying, if my Asian parents play this game as a tradition, they will disown you.

    5:43 I never heard that, if the tank have great armor it will obviously go at the frontline, there is no breakthrough, sniping bs like that, even me as a armored tank destroyer still do aggressive at the Frontline, It's on player playstyle.

    6:00 I don't mind Artillery they are cancerous by the way.

    7:17 who cares about realism it's all about fun, if the game so realistic like IRL When you got shot you dead, you cannot revive back on the hospital like CJ, if you revived, the repair cost is your newest enemy (just a joke). I don't play Realistic games the fun is not there, (Hans our suspension is broken and the engine is burning again, John we are out of fuel and stuck at the mud again, we can't do the bird view to see our tank haiyah. Reality sucks)

    9:38 What??? I thought WT repair cost is high asf, and you considered WT as a winner? What? in Wot, if you have more Dmg your credits will be high, there is also details of auto resupplying of ammunitions, Provisions and consumables in wot.

    11:57 why is he there? he should be in the urban area or places in buildings to avoid being circled, and if the light tank show up he fucked up again. I guess this guy doesn't deserve to get the E-100 or Maus.

    16:43 I even look at the map and you left behind, AT 2 can follow the team's tail at the start of the match, or stay at the near of the cap, I know what he trying to do he is camping on a low alpha gun, AT-2 Have armor it's mostly stay at the cap or at the front to support the team and AT 2 is not really advisable.

    21:37: Wot have PBR graphics seems you too biased again, even the mobile game of wot have the PBR, both of these 3 games have Hit shell marks and dynamic suspension, and again too bias.

    22:00 I want to cry again, he lost a lot of HP on that single fire, and he exposed his side again, did he ever fix his mistake at the middle of the battle? when he lose the game, "Oh this game is bs and p2w, WT is better" this video is a joke.
    Are these "ex WOT" players in the comments cannot criticize his BS gameplay or they are just a pretender making Wot look bad on any aspect?

    23:03 look he is staying there like a idiot and sniping, if on higher tiers this guy probably a perfect target practice, he didn't even move to find a cover even his HP is low than a 1 HP Asian grandpa, are these WT have high reflexes or he just playing dumb making look Wot bad and WT is the superior.

    23:00 I didn't spend any cents in the in Wotb, I only spend money on Gaijin's game "Crossout Mobile" because that game too P2W, I still winning using tech tree and can toe to toe those premium out, it's on the player skill level, for those who increasing Win rate, fuck off, it's nothing but give you stress and only crybabies saying p2w, there some tech tree tanks can perform better.

    23:55 what?! what did you said in 9:38? I already seen the bias, the high repair cost can take your Silver lions or coins until you crippled, this is BS.

    24:00 of course consumable can be consumed in one match and there is auto supply, it's a tank not a moving storage.

    24:52 You can play the game without using premium ammo, it's depends on your tank gun penetration and aiming weakspots.

    26:40 No no no no no, JUST STOP IT ok, wtf of that playstyle… I'm just a wotb player, and your wot gameplay is so horrible, I don't think you can gain credits, and how did you get into Tier 9 with horrible skill. If I have ancestors playing Wot, I will hear them crying over to this video, the footage of WT that have Highest BR Vehicles is 90% in this video and 10% of Wot worse gameplay on lower tiers even High.

  15. wot is gonna add a 20% damage booster or something

  16. War Thunder, dont even gotta watch to know

  17. war thunder for me is the best since it is more realistic unlike wot it is not realistic featuring HP and the shell does not got straight plus everything is very expensive one consumable cost 20k and sometime equipment costs 600k or higher

  18. Wot îs a shity game.. They ruined this game…. Viva wt.

  19. It's simple if you like an Arcade feel play WOT if you like Hardcore realism that requires a fair amount of skill to simply perform well play WT I would say world of tanks is for those who want good paced gameing, WT is very annoying and hard to manage, since you could be nuked by a plane

  20. WT – realistic suffering
    WoT – unrealistic suffering

  21. If you want sht experience go to WT
    if you want shtter experience go to WoT
    If you want SOME good experience go to WoTB

  22. As a player of both heres a rundown TLDR.

    WoT bads
    -hull down is king
    -accuracy stat means nothing
    -some prems do you dirty
    -some maps trash
    -no proper PvE
    -last balance pass was in 2016
    -no ingame xray or armor checker in garage
    -hidden tank stats

    WT bad
    -one tap
    -aircraft in tank battles
    -spawn camping
    -MGs kill
    -no way to repair until unlock
    -no way to put out fire until unlock
    -maps are hard to traverse
    -packet loss
    -some prems are down bad
    -3 year grind to get top tier
    -balancing rating is confusing
    -the AI exist but are stupid


    In my conclusion?
    Go play Armored Warfare.

  23. I played WoT since I was in the 4th grade stop playing in 6th grade and start playing again in the 7th grade stop playing in the 9th grade. I played 300 hours or more in wot and got to tier 7 in USSR and Germany tier 6 US UK FRA. Today I played war thunder. War thunder gives me mixed feelings whether you want to uninstall the game because your angry and Installed because its fun to one shot a tank.

  24. War Thunder is rusian and they allow players to paint "Z" on the tanks and close the game chat so fck wt

  25. Hy, l am a WOT blic player. I have it on my comp, but l rathrer play on my pfone, or tablet. One Q. At 13:40 how the hell that tank nows where to shut? Pls, can anyone tell me. Like the sounds and the look of world of tunder. I sow some gameplay, and it looks like one shot one kill. So, is a game campy, or its more action? Gud vid by the way.

  26. Ok, what does "exstremly posible" mean?

  27. Only fools think WT is realistic… tell me which tank in the world shots the very next second they see an enemy over half a mile… like in WT? they need to count the distance… set the aim etc. perfectly exhibited in WoT via Aim Time…Also… which tank in the world relies on naked eye to take the aim… Arcade is the equivalent of radar and they modern communication system… And thirdly where the hell do you get 3 lives from… ??? people who think WT is realistic are idiots… LOL…

    This may be very well a WT sponsored marketing gimmick cause their user base is down to the pits(this guy is a WT content creator… not surprised)…. I had premium days and have 20+ premium vehicles in WT and it was painful… boring and not really fun… After I tried WoT… I have not moved back to WT…

    WoT has problems… but it is very fun… entertaining… the game mechanics are so awesome… the events are super cool… and it does not try to be what it is not… unlike WT…

    WT is anything but realistic… I can go on and on… most players experience would be getting one shot by an experienced player sitting half a mile in the bush… who shots at you the very next second he sees you… and you are dead…

    For any new players… try both the games till tier 8… and you will see what I am talking about… WT is boring and shit…

    You will usually see paid morons praising WT like anything on social media… but the fact is it has many problems than WoT and it's boring as hell….

  28. "You think you hate these games more than me? I suffered through top tier in WT and grinded to tier X in WOT."
    -a neutral guy

  29. I've played WoT a lot, even earned money from playing it one time. Dropped it 3 years ago. I'll be honest, if you are a casual player WoT is generally better, specially if you have friends to play with. WoT actually promotes teamplay way more than WT, coz its a game a numbers. You can exchange HP for each other, focus fire targets, there is WAY more fun to be had in WoT if you have people to play with. WT(Playing since planes beta) has a much harder learning curve, its not difficult persay, you just need to know a bit more. Teamwork aspect in WT is also…not as fun as in WoT, simply coz one of you can get send to spawn from across the map in an instant. There are less mechanics that support it. IMHO.

  30. >2:10 Although these changes tend to be fairly small…."
    >T-34 IRL: AP shell can't pen Tiger I upper side even at 200m.
    >T-34 in game: reliably pens at distances up to 800m/0° or 100m/30° angle.

  31. WOT is not what it used to be the last time i feel fun on that game is when they add Swedish tech tree and Japanese heavy,since then it gores down hill,i used to play every time i can but then i stop and quiting but play again every now and then.

    the last nail is the HE revamp BS that only benefit HT and this Russian fan boy,WT is more difficult to me but it's funnit's realistic i don't need to rush the grind im having fun on ww2 tanks and early cold war vehicles

  32. Watching the sniper gameplay in a pz 2 killed me

  33. I think this is the first time I've seen someone recognise World of Tanks Console's Modern Armour segment as a thing.
    They have actually since added ATGM vehicles to that as well.

  34. the engine sounds in WT are the same depending on its country u can tell if its a tiger or a t34 hiding behind a building just by listening to its engine

  35. Hello, I am both a warthunder and wot player and I'd like to share my views.

    First off in warthunder I'm certainly not the best player but I handle myself, reached up to the leopard 1.
    In world of tanks I'm a semi pro player, being top 97% in my server by recent stats.

    First, I would point out that inevitably, most of the comparisons are a bit biased (not on purpose) but usually it's in things that warthunder has or does better.

    One of the big points of the video is economy, from my own experience warthunder is way harder to grind up to top tier, specially without premium time and vehicles, add to that the stock grinds that you can only skip with silver lions and it becomes painfull specially in the higher tiers.

    I'm wot at least you can skip tanks with blueprints or modules with free xp by just playing the tanks you fully spaded and you already like.
    I know module economy in wot looks worse but it's not as bad as it looks like, you can buy equipment for example to personalise the gameplay of your tank to your preference for example. About the ammunition it's inevitable to be forced to use cheaper stuff when you start but once you get a premium (you can complete recruitment programs, enter code when creating account, wait for easy events or just buy with bonds when you get enough), when you get a premium you can farm credits with those and then use rations and premium ammo whenever you feel like.

    Problem in wot is that skilled players have a HUGE edge just because of their skill so unless you find someone to teach you, you'll get clubbed :3

    It's true that some of the tanks are overpowered but those are given as a reward instead of being sold (279e, chieftain,obj260).

    It is true that wot sound design is not spot on reality and its used as decoration most of the time.

    About bugs I'll say from my own experience whenever a bug comes around in Wot they usually patch it in days at most.
    I see war thunder as less stable, specially in the physics department.

    About UI I'm sorry but the one in WOT just explains itself WAY better.

    About graphic style I'll say warthunder is more realistic but world of tanks sacrifices that realism to look more stylish… Almost like "idealised realism" so I'd say wot looks prettier.

    Now enough of rambling, on gameplay.

    I'd say warthunder is more akin to hunting but with vehicles.

    World of tanks is more focussed on being a strategy game, sort of a "tank chess".

    That's why I would say that wot is easier to get into, but harder to truly master till you can beat the best in the server.

    About the reticle in wot, sure, shot doesn't go exactly where gun is aiming but that doesn't let you to shoot on the move in warthunder without Vstabs.

    In wot the accuracy depends on the vehicle first and then how you set it up.

    If you go with a KV2 with untrained crew and no modules of course you will shoot and hit a different planet, on the other hand if you pick a tiger 2, strv 103b or an E-50 and set them up with a good crew, equipment and consumables you can get crazy laser accuracy.

    It all depends on the tank and set up.

    Welp, hope this gave a bit of the point of view coming from world of tanks, I'll say that everything I said about playing in wot comes in reality secondary to reading the minimap and reacting correctly to it, which is the most important aspect of gameplay by far.

  36. remember taht wargaming dont give a shit about player enjoyment if i means they make 1% less money

  37. Pfff, come on, this is so obviously biased. WoT is a much more fun game for your average Joe, it's much easier to get in to, it's much more competitive, it's much easier to progress in to. There is a reason why it completely obliterates War Thunder in terms of players. WoT is fast, it's fun, it's competitive.
    The only single reason someone would play War Thunder over WoT is if they are a military sim fan/history buff, probably both. The realism is awesome for those who love tanks, or sims, which is why I like War Thunder; but in terms of "fun," or "being the better game" for someone outside of that niche, there is no contest.
    You tell someone without an interest in tanks to try WoT, they might like it, they might not, who knows. You do the same for WT, 90% of the people would have to be paid to play it daily.
    One thing that WT does actually do better apart from simulating realism is indeed the economy system, which encourages you to keep tanks in your garage, and play them whenever you feel like it, unlike WoT which does pretty much the opposite.

    I play both games regularly, and it would be really difficult to pick one over the other, usually I have times when I play WoT a lot and times when I play WT a lot. In the end, I would have to chose WT Tanks over WoT simply for it's uniqueness, WoT is just a fun games which happens to have tanks, while War Thunder remains a masterpiece for military enthusiasts.

    With that being said, anyone who claims WT is the "superior" game, or the "more fun" game for an average gamer, is completely delusional. As mentioned above, this videos is helping no one in picking a game, frankly you could jus have uploaded a 5 seconds clip saying "I love WT" and it would've had the same value…


  38. you want a kid ez arcade game where its pay to win tale world of tanks you want a realistic game with challenge take war thunder

    (war thunder is the best)

  39. Warthunder is much more fun as it rewards knowing where to shoot

  40. as a former world of tanks player and a current war thunder player i personally prefer war thunder simply because it’s more realistic and it’s well slightly more fun

  41. here we go again, a review comparing between these two nemesis. we all should agree that both are completely different types of games. the thing that you should compare between the two are their quality of life, how the game manages to give quality for their players not the way the game mechanics work, because they're completely different. i'd say wot has a way much much better quality of life compared to wt, which wt keeps having bad qualities with their inconsistent minor updates bad servers on events etc2.

  42. ah i know the vibes, so wanna try WT? SO welcome to WT the game where you must play as one of major fraction or your repair cost will make you broke, a world where boosters are bad because you will be teaming braindeads while enemy team is some kind pro league, where phrases like what the duck i didn't kill it or wow that richochet will become so common at one point that you won't be wondering about those things happening again, where for killing 9br tank you will get 56 sl while being some reserve bomber and world where braindeads buy bushes to cover them so often that even that bs won't be a surprise in a future…..so in a conclusion if you care about your nerves don't play wt)

  43. Playing both of them for prolonged periods of time will result in an increase of suicidal thoughts

  44. Well I think that some people here have some quite idealistic view of Warthunder. So if there are some players thinking about giving it a try. Do not. Seriously, do not touch Warthunder even with the longest stick you can find. I will try to elaborate more.
    1) Maps. WoT has good maps, mediocre maps and bad maps. WT has bad maps, worst maps and terrible maps. To be honest I have never seen more maps totaly unsuited for the game they are ment for. No sane commander would sent tanks to 90% of ingame maps. And not only they are bad by design, they are also unsuited for BRs. Some tiny maps are o.k. for lower tier slow tanks, but totaly not o.k. for tanks going 60+ km/h. And the oposite, some big maps are not suited for slow tanks and vice versa. Also there are three mods, like in WoT, but you can not disable those you do not like. So you either have to suffer idiotic assault (one point on a map), or even more idiotic battle mode (two bases, already owned by ecah team) or leave the battle. Oh and i would almost forget totaly non existent map rotation. Yes, there are plenty of maps, but in one session you get about 6 over and over. And from these six, you can get one 4, hell even 5 times in a row. Good luck if it is one of those terrible maps. I am sorry, but maps and everything around the must have been programmed by a drunken chimpanzees.
    2) Constant uptier. If you know WoT, you know how bad +2MM is. But WG at least tried and it is not so often now as it used to be. Now we have WT, where the moment you leave the safety of 1.0 BR, you will be constantly uptiered, most usualy to full +1 BR. It does not look so bat at the beginning, but about 6.3, you will start to notice and at 8.3 you will start to think what kind of retard programmed the game…
    3) Vehilce imbalance even with the same or near BRs. Do you rememeber when WoT introduced wheeled vehicles? It was such a terrible idea that, to my knowledge, no new have been added since. Then we have WT with wheeled vehicles and light tanks oneshotting everyone as they get to the position long before you even manage to press W to move forward. Then we have vehicles with stabilizers, thermals put to the vehicles withou any of these. Guess who wins. My favorite now is PT-676-57. This travesty fed up even the rest of the players this game still manages to have. Therefore the saying no armor, best armor. Just take the fastest vehicle with the biggest gun and go on a killing spree. But do not try any heavy tank. Any at all.
    4) Planes and helicopters. Sounds fun, having all these in one battle, right? Well, no. I can assure you it is not fun to have bombs dropped at you when you finaly managed to get to the point you wanted to go. It is also not fun to be bombed to oblivion 5 seconds after you respawn. And it definitely is not fun to be onehotted by a helicopter you can not hear, or see and which is howering outside the map.
    5) RNG or Russian number generator. Have you read or heard how WT has everything almost precisely to the real world, you have penetration, modules and so on? Well it is all nice and dandy until you realize, that everything is driven by RNG. So you take your missile with 600mm of penetration, shoot a tank with 40mm side armor and do no damage. Yeah, RNG said go f yourself. Or my favorite, when you hit an enemy tank qith you huge 88, 105 or bigger gun and all you do is to kill a driver. Yeah, crewmembers are Terminators. Nothing of this would matter if it was an HP based game like WoT. But it is not. Which means that whenever this happens you are screwed as the enemy oneshots you.
    6) Module damage. It is quite fine that you can damage engine, transmission, turret ring. What definitely is not fine is that you can damage the gun or gun breech. A) it is totaly unrealistic, no gunner and gun on the planet is THAT precise and B) you can spent from 20 to 40s repairing and hoping that noone kills you or, in case enemy sees you, you can again go f yourself. So much fun indeed.
    7) Tanks that has nothing to do in the given era. WT started as a game trying to be historicaly accurate. Well say good bye to that. Now you have tanks from 60s, 80s hell even from 2006 fighting tanks from late 40s and early 50s. You want to take out your Tiger II? Sorry, you will face T-54s and T48s.
    But you know what is worst. That Gaijin does not care. At all. In the last three years they have not done anything fix any of these issues. On the contrary, they add to it, like introducing that travesty PT-76-57s. And when they see how more they managed to piss the players that still have not left this sinking ship, they do their "balance" and move the vehicle by 0.3 in BR. Because it will definitely solve the issue…

  45. In conclusion:
    If you think WT is fun, Play WT.
    And if you think WoT is even more fun then play WoT.

  46. I was interested in tanks when i started playing WOT but health points made me burned out from WOT, so i started playing War Thunder and been playing arcade mode and loving it since. The game taught me a lot about tanks and aircraft. Sometimes i go back to the health point system but in Armored Warfare instead of WOT, to me Armored Warfare also seems to be an overall better WOT

  47. Attack the D point
    Only WOT players will get it

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