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War Thunder – “Victory is Ours” Live Action Trailer

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Take a look at this live action trailer for War Thunder titled “Victory is Ours” which commemorates the heroism of all the participants of the Great Patriotic War.

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  1. Woah this is almost 8 years old and still better than 99% of any game trailer

  2. I didn't expect them to release the trailer of enlisted the time they made the trailer for war thunder

  3. Я уже смотрел это 100 раз и не надоедает

  4. This looks more like a trailer that should have been for enlisted not war thunder

  5. that is trenches alpha but with plane

  6. yeah bro the game definitely looks like this

  7. Уже подвиг наших товарищей превратили в рекламу

  8. This could now double as an enlisted trailer now

  9. Sometime I come back here to watch this great trailer and it always continue to be as wonderful as first time

  10. Battlefield2042 trailer started with a jets chasing scene, warthunder started with a hero (and also bombers use bomb to down fighter instead of ammo*)

  11. How is it possible to have a gamespot trailer

  12. commemorates "all participants" what lie, this is all about the soviets

  13. Константин Карабатов says:

    Лучшее современное "поп" видео на тему ВОВ. Шикарный видеоряд, атмосфера, подача, саунд.

  14. Мне вот интересно….что здесь так много американцев?😁😁😁

  15. God dam this is so good, I’ve been playing war thunder for 2 years now I had no idea gaijin had this in them

  16. А кто нибудь из молоденьких геймеров в курсе, что это песня Анны Герман переписанная немного? Лично для меня родившимся при Советском Союзе она как икона!

  17. This is the best trailer I ever watched!

    Epic scene make me repeat and repeat to watch this!!
    How motivated is this!
    And there is only one feeling to me, “You die or me die”.

  18. 3:36 2/10 moment, highly unrealistic, I have never seen a teammate realise you need help cause you are stuck, mostly you are left to be stuck untill the game ends

  19. What's a BF-109 doing dogfighting with a bomb?

  20. Please do not forget both Soviet and Chinese lives saved world and your ass

  21. Not gonna lie. The music is kinda titanic vibes

  22. Even with all the badassery, they still managed to put the overused "aahyaa-a"

  23. Помню в детстве смотрел это и щас смотрю

  24. Basically war thunder expectation

  25. Petition to change title of this video to 'Enlisted trailer'.

  26. the song make you feel like the a severely wounded soldier sitting in the trenches looking at the picture of his loved ones, and waiting for the time to ignite the bomds around him

  27. Classic quotes in War Thunder
    "Gunners are searching for aircraft and surface targets." -Some naval guy
    "THE GUNS BEEN LOADED/LOADED." -Tank reloader
    "Attack the D point" -Some random player
    "ATTENTION, APROACHING TARGET" -Some random pilot
    "Loud and clear" -ATC Guy

  28. It feels like this Trailer can be connected to Enlisted

  29. What do you think about world war 3

  30. a musuca nao sai dos meus ouvidos nunca kkk

  31. Не смеют крылья черные Над Родиной летать , Поля её просторные Не смеет враг топтать

  32. классно бы было если бы припевы магомаева свели сюда

  33. People in 40000000021:This is a masterpiece

  34. Клип и песня на Века

  35. 와우 … 엄청나네 .
    지금 봐서 멋지네요 ..

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