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War Thunder – Sturer Emil “Being Bullied!”

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I am ashamed to admit this is the first time I have seriously looked at this vehicle since it was introducted. That 128mm Cannon at 4.3 is just silly. Enjoy blowing stuff up!

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  1. What series had the best opening theme music? My vote, Cowboy Beebop!

  2. My name being Emil and having that tank in warthunder🗿🍷

  3. The single most fun tank destroyer to play and the most annoying for your enemies

  4. Definition of elimination with extreme prejudice. German style.

  5. 3 guys in a tank with depression and almost no explosive shell ruling da battlefield

  6. It seems that Stubborn Emil is out to hunt.

  7. This would a much better vehicle if it wasn't powered by a lawn mower engine.

  8. It’s so fun to take this thing to 5.7/6.3 and just annihilate everything. You can pen just about anything from a mile away.

  9. heavy tanks : ha we have strong armour
    sturer emil : what is armour?

  10. Good to see these glass cannons getting some love!!!

  11. Wasn't this tank used as a bunker buster during the Siege of Sevastopol?

    And it's suspension based on the Tiger I?

  12. Number 1 comment, lets get this pinned guys

  13. Emil was her name, she went bang bang, the thunder claps of her love, made me feel like a tiny dove

  14. Too bad this thing is ONLY good on urban maps.
    In open fields your better off Jumping afyer the first shot, NOBODY is beaindead enough to not see you at this size

  15. I im waiting, waching and hoping for the po-2 video
    (its getting harder to think of things to say also need te recap the day)
    Edit this is the 13th time i asked

  16. Emil is nearly indestructable angled to th left. That massive breach will protect the gunner.

  17. god i love the Sturer Emil, when ever i get angry at WT i just take it out and its so much fun

  18. if someone would fly a heavy twin engine fighter under a bridge mid flight, i would probably just search for a other target. this guy has a mission.

  19. Butt to Butt for the most efficient coverage!

  20. I think what we learned from this is that Sturm Emil isn't rated for urban combat, probably anyway.

  21. This thing is one of the ne german machines I still care about and man do I LOVE her. Her being 4.3 is so wrong. She still kicks ass at 6.3

  22. "did you have a ball gag in your mouth…… " BAHAHAHAHAHA

  23. Bo: I’m just A CATTISH I don’t fly very well…

    Tblf crew name who I didn’t forget: You could fly into the oven 😀

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