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War Thunder – Sturer Emil “Being Bullied!”

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I am ashamed to admit this is the first time I have seriously looked at this vehicle since it was introducted. That 128mm Cannon at 4.3 is just silly. Enjoy blowing stuff up!

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  1. T72 A next please, either that or FV4002, you haven't made a video on that tank in 4 years.

  2. That looked like a sad thumbnail, the guns were very depressed….


    Had me lmao

  4. That looked like a lot of harsh time out there, suffering from all those Bully Tank-7's. Hope you guys managed to have some fun making it.

  5. I almost shat myself when that bomb exploded inside of you and you said "I HAD A BABY"

  6. I call it the sturer email because you a message that you got sniped cross map

  7. Number of Emils ever built: 2
    Me, spawning in it for the second time: I'm going all in, Bois!

  8. "I shot your barrel!" and the bomb baby had me in stitches, that whole exchange was pure gold.

  9. I got into a game with then on Ardennes. Killed hambone but died to Bo

  10. "I just deleted a child."
    Already a Quote of the Year contender.

  11. A.C. I Bo: I was bully…

    Sturer Emil Bo: Being Bullied!

    The cycle continues

  12. Great video!
    Ham and Retros call outs are so good xD

  13. That barnstorming run under fire through the bridge was absolutely absurd.

  14. Where did u get skin i can't see it in the shop

  15. There's a reason I don't play as open top tanks lol

  16. Panzerkampfwagen 38t light tank 38 t says:

    Can we have panzer 2?

  17. Im soo ashamed that you let a BT-5 take out the entire team…Great game and fun fellas

  18. 5:51 Germany 1942-1945
    2x TD, a Puma, and a flakpanzer struggling to kill a Sherman

  19. I didn’t know you could change your squad size

  20. We have our quote of the year early.
    "I had a baby." – Bohica Ice – 2022

  21. Bo try the a5c in china it would mean everything please oh and comment this if you will play the a5c too

  22. Why does stickboy Sounds like Glen from superstore?

  23. Im stuck with covid and this has really cheered me up thanks bo and co

  24. This tanks is like the Archer but done correctly, you don’t have to reverse everywhere

  25. “There’s a bomb in me… I had a badly” Bo

  26. Bo was most beautiful shooting star. Got under the bridge whilst on fire and in a dogfight

  27. Chloroformed in the back of a Buick?

    That's…oddly specific, there. Something we should know?

  28. Love the Sturer Emil – thanks for another great video Ham, Retro & Bo!

  29. How can you set a marker as shown here? Also how can you look around without actually moving the turret?

  30. I want this tank but that means installing WT again lol.

  31. I don't know if this is normal but i have more air kills in the hs 129 than ground kills. Anyone else?

  32. What is the best country to choose? Im really confused and don’t what country to choose.

  33. another cheater here: = FURIA = Piceleuda _ Br fvckn radar cheating scm sht cheater game wnkers

  34. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Bo, how do you know what a ball gag is?! There something you want to tell us?

  35. I remember this thing sucking ass at 6.0… funny that it still does

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