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War Thunder Mobile VS War of Tanks VS Modern Tanks Comparison

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  1. Ad a warthunder player that thing you did to that ammerican tank was war crimminal level to anyone who was on thqt position and not aim at the turret to disable it from aiming at you and destroy that unangled piece of armor

  2. War Thunder mobile is realistic, but its slow progress and infuriating gameplay can make you lose patience quickly, personally I like to progress in three to four games and feel comfortable with the controls

  3. Top shelf. Disregard all the Gaijin drama on PC, none of that exists here. Mobile open beta's here to outclass the competition.

  4. I have 2000+ hours of experience in war thunder pc version…. and no game can come close to the awesome experience that war thunder delivers in this genre…

    ~thank you and fuck wot wasted my time with it…

  5. Bro it really is a very unfair comparison, the only game that comes close to it is wot blitz but wot is more acarde

  6. We all know that War Thunder Mobile is better than other 2 tank games.

  7. War thunder blows every other tank game out the water cause it has battleship war planes and tanks in one singular game like world of tanks don't even have planes in it just tanks but war thunder has both not only that the graphics just is better my first time on war thunder mobile it was insanely realistic that when I checked the graphics setting i realized it was only low just sowing how realistic it can be the gameplay is also no joke Gaijn said war thunder isn't the same as war thunder mobile but is parrel but yeah like I was saying this is the game I always wanted to install also the greatest thing u could want of a top tier free realistic tank game for mobile that is free.

  8. War thunder is nice game but controls and oldest ganks r just worst

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