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War Machines – The BEST Tank Game – iOS & Android Tank Game [English]

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  1. Почему не обновляется игра?

  2. I’ve had so much “money stolen” from me by this Company for in app purchases that I never agree to $$$ 🚫🚫🚫Apple have agreed to refund me the money stolen but only in the past 60 days 😤🤬 and I’ve got proof that it’s been happening since 2020

  3. I am having problems getting the new update.says pending for hours now.Any help would be great.


  5. The biggest rip off going , play and you will get ripped off big time !

  6. I saved a lot of a tank missiles it took me like three weeks or more for to get them and for them not to work. I had 40 on one and 38 or more

  7. Avete bloccato l’applicazione, e i soldi che ho pagato, andrò alla polizia per una denuncia

  8. It's easy guys… Why Buy resources? When You Get It For Free From Here zepisguides. com

  9. It's easy guys… Why Buy resources? When You Get It For Free From Here postisguides. com

  10. Customers service sucks been waiting since the 22nd that’s right 11+ waiting for help I even pay for the premium membership the game has many flaws they refuse to fix all they care about is people buying diamonds and spending that cash.

  11. the game on usually is fun.
    if you want to complain they will be fight back in mend.
    i bill 250didamine for tank shooting and 175 diamond for protentoon
    it’s gone by the game it terrible like sares i will close the game asap even i played 3 years.

  12. Fucking shit game unless you are stupid enough to pay stupid money or are an arsehole and use the cheats … no customer support and they have some how disabled the option to report the game to Apple AVOID THIS APP AT ALL COSTS

  13. Почему когда война так у вас начинаются ремонты

  14. My app keeps freezing up on launch. It shows the starting screen at the garage but still displays syncronizing and i have no controls over anything.

  15. 사이트만 들어가지고 게임실행은 계속 멈춤상태로 접속이됩니다
    몇일째 이런상태인데 랙이나 버그도 아니고
    이해가 안됩니다

  16. The poorest, money grabbing game out there, Do Not Bother! Lately the server runs for about 3 seconds before you start getting massive lag, then your killed instantly. Higher level tanks kill you with one shot, whilst you put 6 in them for little damage. Then there is the respwan, most times with a higher level enemy tank behind you, one shot your dead, respawn, one shot dead, respawn dead, you get the idea.Do not waste your time, there is no fun in this game with these massive finder mental issues.

  17. save your money full with bugs and no support

  18. Złodzieje i oszuści. Nie dają kompletnie nic, a za każdą pierdołę każą sobie płacić! Gra to dno! Deweloper ciągle kombinuje z aktualizacjami, a każda tylko psuje grę! Serwery się ciągle wieszają. Ceny w aplikacji kosmiczne, gra nastawiona tylko i wyłącznie na zysk. Nie polecam!

  19. У меня пропали 700 камней

  20. Обновите говрит хотел обновит необновтса или недёт играт что эта

  21. Сделал покупку алмазов с боем препасов и деньгами, кветанцея обо плате прешла а алмазы с боепрепасами и монетами нет. Как быть.

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