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VR Tank PVP Battles! (Steel Crew)

Hummy’s VR Comedy
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We operate the Sherman Firefly in Steel Crew. A VR Tank PVP battle game. Three man crew per tank. Early Access game. We hunt Russian T-34 tanks in this scenario. Join or discord community events through patreon with this link:

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  1. Just get this game and no live servers 🙁


  3. Lmao hummys British accent is all over the place.

  4. When Jobey said he break for TEA he meant with spelling of T-Ɛ4

  5. Loved the whole Jobey 'defection' situation 😂

  6. As a British person this was hilarious for me 🤣

  7. The proximity chat screaming after the plane strafe had me rolling 😂

  8. Woah! When did you guys learn english?! Spot on me ol' chaps

  9. Impeccable British accents I truly felt immersed

  10. Lmao the accents are killing me! I really need to get this, this woulda been awesome to take part in

  11. As a Brit, I hearby endorse these accents 🤣

  12. "How does this thing worK" followed seconds later by a perfect shot

  13. Was fluffy at his comedy special during this time

  14. Hummy's team are better tank crew, than comedians, who would have thought

  15. Please sir could we have some more of these videos

  16. I just watched Fluffypuppy's aka Mark Brady stand up special on youtube. He's great. He should come up to Vinnie Brand's in Conn.

  17. Giving Dick Van Dyke some competition for worst British accent put on film. 😂

  18. Bloody brilliant mate!
    Bang on! Too de loo! Pip pip!
    Fo fo fo fo fo fo fo, fo fo fo fo fo fo fo, Big Ben! 🤣

  19. The british accent reminded me of conkers and how delicios they are

  20. Are you guys doing a Phasmophobia video after the big update?

  21. Jobey's "Michael Cain" impersonation is impeccable! 🤣🤣

  22. My God I love you guys. 😂😂😂😂😂

  23. A million times better than any history documentary or reenactment! Honestly, I've learned more about military history from y'all than I ever did in school. Not sure if that's funny or sad. You'll have to decide. Really fun video, guys! Top quality content, as always!

  24. Jobey you traitorous man, I kind of wish we could see his gameplay. I feel like he would absolutely destroy as a one man tank crew though lol

  25. WE need more Cookout VR. It was soo funny.

  26. how do you get it working? it only works in desktop mode for me

  27. The 34 seemed so spacious while in the firefly you barely have room move

  28. Getting to drive the vehicles kinda reminds me of war dust

  29. Hi. (We and everything else are created by God, the creator of all things.His son died and revived afterwards to forgive us of every misdeed. His son's name is Jesus)Breathe air

  30. Ally Driver: "I don't know how to drive forward"
    ….must be French XD

  31. I wish more devs would develop something like PostScruiptum's tanks but with VR. That and release controller hardware for making wwii era tank simulators more immersive with gear stick, levers, and pedals.

  32. if only it was available for pc without a headset ):

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