Using Scriptable Objects Unity 2D - Tank game tutorial P7 -

Using Scriptable Objects Unity 2D – Tank game tutorial P7

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In this Unity 2020 tutorial we will learn about Scriptable Objects and see why we want to use them and how to do so. This is part of the 2D Top Down Tank game tutorial series. Playlist

00:00 Introduction
01:04 What are Scriptable Objects
01:48 Why we want to use SO
03:01 Creating SO
06:14 Using SO for tank movement
08:37 Using SO for shooting mechanic
13:05 Support me maybe?

Scripts and UnityPackages:
Full project:

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Assets used:

Object Pool Design Pattern article:

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  1. I know those stutorials are ended but how would you implement those Scriptable Objects as item boosts that we can collect?? (Just discovered this channel, so cool 🙂 )

  2. Learning smth new by your videos is so easy! Thank you!

  3. Thanks for the video. This really shows the power of scriptable objects!

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