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Upgrading The ULTIMATE Tank To Win

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Finally Defeating The BOSS Tank!

Welcome back to Clash of Armour! Today I take upgrading to extreme levels for my Tank Army. It’s No Tank left behind! Time to make the weakest of the weak the strongest of the strong. Let’s do this!

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  1. day 7 of asking for war thunder

  2. I would like to see that roguelike tank game

  3. Please play more home wars who else agrees with me?

  4. Can you do a custom TABS tournament using your viewer's units?

  5. Baron there is a old comand and conquer CNC3 but the nods is powerful and there is a alien faction Im playing that game in PC but I already Finnish the GDI campaign but the nod campaign is hard is so cool baron come play that old game please🥺

  6. hey baron can you play team six its a good tactical 2d game if you like playing

  7. Baron can you play ( i think the game is called becastle ) because i love it

  8. Baron can you try this game call Thewalkingzombies 2 also love your vids keep up the good work.

  9. @BaronVonGames can u please play more GUNS UP#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. A tank that can send out drones and shots normal ap shells or a rocket tank like the russian TOI1

  11. Do you need more kingdoms and castles i cont Forget it

  12. you have infinite gold in stick war 3 + mod!!!

  13. When are you gonna go back to kingdoms and castles im miss that series

  14. what is this game?) baron: playing tank game.
    youtube: naw man thats angry birds

  15. Clah of Armour in the thumb, but Angry Birds on the description. WTF

  16. Hey baron I would like for you to try waterloo at home on roblox its a napoleonic war game and I love the game and its very fun

  17. what they need in this game is bosses with helath bar

  18. do a mini series of last day on earth survival it's mobile and tablet friendly

  19. BaArOn :At LeAsT wE HaVe SoMe DaDdY TaNk

  20. Ngl fury is good movie. But wouldn’t it be nic e if the fury tank shot something out of the hatch then every thing in its range takes dmg

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