Upgrading tanks to Mechas in Hills of Steel - panicarts.com

Upgrading tanks to Mechas in Hills of Steel

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It’s Hills of Steel.
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ABOUT – Hills of Steel
Race your way through the hills and crush your enemies with steel. Collect loot from your fallen enemies and boost your vehicles with the best upgrades and special weapons you can find


  1. Play tank combat pretty sure any way it is similar to this

  2. Ngl. Some of the games Gray plays look kinda fun until you play it yourself…

  3. Funny enough as it is when it comes to this episode. I have done more for my parents when it came to.w cleaning up the house, making sure that the plants outside were watered turn on the sprinkler system and on top of it make meals and clean up the house but at this point watching little games like this, the minds the actual reality is that there are people out there, like myself who care about their parents more than those super tend to be siblings who come over for one hour and act like they’re the holiest of holies when the truth is there, nothing more than a bunch of scapegoats living off of everyone else who’s cleaned up after themselves to begin with.

  4. Gray would you please play metaslug x next time

  5. I remember playing this game all the time as a kid

  6. Day 2 of asking you to play the modded map 'drive up' in beamng. (Why do you use it for your thumbnails?)

  7. Why did your new vid get age restricted?

  8. Normal day to go to space and destroy aline space ships with kraken tanks that dont even look like a tank

  9. I have buck its a yhotgun on wheels
    Crazy knock back when on perfeck angle

  10. As often as Gray mentions weaponized Roombas or Roombas killing people in their sleep I have to wonder if he's played ROOMBO: First Blood.

  11. No matter what game you play, im always entertained. Hope to big as you one day

  12. day 55 of asking gray to do the parasite mod in minecraft

  13. 7:27 gray reminding me about the roombo first blood and justice sucks tactical vacuum action games where you literaly are a killer roomba… i definatly would love to see gray murder people as a vacuum cleaner. <3

  14. 13:29 "All right, grab the devil, throw him into a tank, call it a day" -GrayStillPlays 2023

  15. Suggestion: you should’ve gotten the Tesla tank because it chains and can hit multiple enemies. You don’t have to aim it. And it’s easier to control.

  16. Day 177 of asking another insanely demonic Minecraft video

  17. 400th comment wooooo yea baby lets gooooooooo😂😂

  18. I love the fact that Gray pays real money for these shitty games – all for our stupid entertainment 😂

  19. Since when is there so much stuff in hills of steel? I compleyely forgot about it for like 3 years

  20. The sound he made when he did the orbital canon as the Hydra was the best

  21. Coins or rings? We are to do some Mario Kart or Sonic

  22. I played this game since it's beta, %100 ultimate mobile game even if it isn't amazing offline anymore 💪

  23. no need for spelling this is graystillplays vidio

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