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Upgrading TANKS into the FUTURE

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War… War never changes. It just gets more shiny bits attached to it.

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Age of Tanks Warriors: TD War:
Age of Tanks Warriors: TD War is an epic tower defense game where tanks reign supreme, crafting their own civilization across parallel universes. Evolve your tanks through ages, from Stone Age warriors to modern marvels. Dominate the battlefield with strategic prowess, upgrading your army and conquering enemies in epic 1v1 battles. Unleash your inner tactician and lead your tanks to victory in this strategic saga.
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  1. enemys get stronger and more hp it means that range will take 2 hits

  2. This background music is so annoying. Just find a couple of NCS songs and not just one on repeat over, and over, and over, and over because it is distracting with how loud it is (loud enough to be very noticeable in the video)

  3. Tap craft took part of your video which they put in you own video

  4. No, Clash of Clans has green gems. That’s totally different… OK no not really

  5. pls make more vids and ik at timeline 3 and i have final evolution so im soon timeline 4

  6. i played this game and i started out with 2 hp and the enimy had 500

  7. If you spend more money on your base health that means you're going to get more coins to spend on food production

  8. this is basically the same as the battle cats game or somethin

  9. Press the discription to see the name of the game

  10. You should try the two other games which are “We Are Warriors” and “Pocket Guardian” (they are like copyrights i dont know what game is the original)

  11. that game it was in crazy games bruhhHhhhHhhhhHHhhhhhHHHhHh

  12. that game it was in crazy games bruhhHhhhHhhhhHHhhhhhHHHhHh

  13. The name of game is the age of tanks wariarir: td war

  14. You can find this on crazy games age of ranks i thunk

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