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Update Review: World of Tanks 2.0

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WORLDofTANKS! Roll out the checkbook!

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  1. I am upset because now you are making it pay to win game

  2. Can you do the same with Wows 2.0 Pretty please?:D


  4. I'm subscribing to your channel, and its not just because you pronounce "cupola" correctly. There is some good content as well!

  5. i loved this game… however i really lost all love for this game, such a shame i bought premium tanks :<

  6. i love 4 guns for 250k and spotting items. great vieeo😂

  7. this game is finally getting balanced 👏👏

  8. I didn't understand the joke about argentina xd

  9. Laughed like a moron during my morning coffee :)))
    Lets hope WG does not take inspiration from this video :))))

  10. When Serb was a main dev we had russian RYTP with "you may not even play, just donate to us" phrase. This video reminded me about it.

  11. If it comes out it will be the worst update ever

  12. hope this have releasedate 30th february…. but ofc wg will see it as march 2nd

  13. j'imagine encore les mecs de mauvaise foi en mode : "nan mais le jeu est pas pay2win, t'es juste nul à ierch, t'as pas investi le PIB du Yémen"

  14. I laughed heartily at this. Campaign developers switched to more serious drugs🤣

  15. if wargaming add that, wot was going to a big pay to win

  16. stop !! your giving them too many ideas …. … I think Wargaming is looking at this video and saying "actually that could work, and that .. and that"

  17. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this video is a parody of what world of tanks has become 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 so glad I quit playing a year ago 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. Best troll video for the game I have ever seen 😂 Thanks Chems ❤
    This video deserve more view 🎉

  19. If you make an argentinian account lmao that got me killed, I transfered mine to Brazil to get all the shit with 80% off

  20. I see that this game is now a pay to win game

  21. What would be cool would be "active terrain" where if you hit a mountain with an enemy bleow the mountain, building, wall, Bridge ect to fall on and damage the enemy tank.
    "World of Tanks, Roll out the Checkbook" says it all…….everyday….

  22. B R A V O chems,
    This is right thing for DIRTY RIGGED WoT, nail in their MORONIC GREEDY hed!

  23. 🤣 You really had me there lol. For a bit I was about to make a comment about how Warthunder just got a couple million new players 🤣

  24. Type 5 a proud light tank 🤣🤣

    Sadly it does capture the direction society is moving in

  25. I got no idea what this video is talking about.

    (Nvm, I figured out that this was a joke here: 1:23)

  26. I stopped playing when the 10$/month subscription came in 2 months ago. I had already paid for the year of premium. F em.

  27. The FV4005-4 is so dumb that I want it

  28. wot plus , uber wot plus, mega uber wot plus , ultra mega uber wot plus , f…. u wargaming

  29. Man, I did not play since 8 months because of IRL, and at first by watching that I did not have the joke. This is hilarious !!

  30. go to russia animals damn company of international swindlers hoooooooo orcs

  31. ,,World of Tanks – Roll out your wallet!'' 😅

  32. Are these changes real? Seems joke to me

  33. May be I will have to give all my banking credentials to work? That's when they stop talking gold standards😂😂

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