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Unique Tank Training

Preston Stewart
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  1. This training gives you options on how you would like to die 😂

  2. The more i watch this the dumber it gets 😂

  3. How that exercise correctly called? Tell me please.

  4. My uncle was soviet tank commander (major). He left the army. Because his tank assidentally squashed a solider during training.

  5. Soldiers need indoctrination and psycho-programming to operate in sync.
    They need to face the fear because fear is dangerous on the battlefield…
    Fear makes you fire on your friends' asses, you know 90% of accidents and deaths during action (work) are bacause of "Friendly fire"
    BTW the best way to escape from a tank in this position is rolling (pray gods and attack the tank's back) as you see because if you stand up and run even the tank driver will clearly see you (on battlefield)
    These are old drills ex. anyway, new generation MBTs got IR camera views better than Predator (movie)😅

  6. unless the tank puts one track in the ditch

  7. тут русские в видео техника неамериканская и артелерия эта С2М1

  8. I think its to take away the fear of tanks. The noise and ground shaking and stress of combat, etc. i cant say if its stupid or not as who knows, it may make these soldiers fucking beasts. Not scared of shit. Thats pretty scary thinking about fighting a foe like that. Think how it felt for sailors fighting the kommakzi in WW2. Those pilots knew their life was over. They wanted to take as many Americans as they could with them. The sailors were just hoping they werent the target of any of those planes. Fearless warriors are frightening.

  9. Bruh did u see the iraqi golden team training?

  10. I’m sorry I had to say this guys
    Please Forgive me


  11. This is what the USA should start doing. The DEI hires and illegals who dont speak english might not be able to harm our military. If you have any criminal charges just ditch your I.D. , learn Russian, and say your names Alexi or sone Russian crap.
    Just say you lost your papers for court bevause they set the hearings 1-2 years from entry into the country. Russians get refugee status but Russias smart enough to not take in migrants illegaly. 😂

  12. This seems stupid, it’s make more sense to make them roll under it and attach a magnetic charge or something, or perhaps just take cover and let it roll over the top of you. ISIS tactical somersault level genius here

  13. The commentator is our military expert😂

  14. my dad sold in the Navy and my grandpa officer lazy

  15. It's Simple having done it already it will be hella easier Hopefully 2nd time

  16. Natural selection if you get run over your weak

  17. "Okay, private Jenkins, your mistake was you rolled too late. Jenkins? Jenkins…?"

  18. 😂😂😂😭😭😭😢😢😪😥😂😂😂🐷🐷🐷🐷

  19. The last guy was scared I could tell😂😂😂

  20. I think number 4 almost got his helmet into the tracks.

  21. We did training like this in Belgium (British Army) on a belgian guerrilla warfare training package. We laid flat as a leopard drove over us, then we had to climb on the engine deck and drop a dummy grenade in the hatch. I wouldn't recommend it, but we managed to avoid any casualties.

  22. Proverb: "Fear has big eyes" refers to the penultimate and especially to the last soldier who left the trenches earlier than was necessary.

  23. The more realistic the training the higher your survival rate !!!

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