Ukraine shoulder throws a grenade in a tank -

Ukraine shoulder throws a grenade in a tank

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  1. obviously that's airsoft слава России

  2. 1 thats airsoft 2 that's from another youtuber named silo entertainment so you should probably give credit bud

  3. Mate not ukraieing
    That’s airsoft from a boy

  4. This is footage of russian airsoft, so dont spread fake info dude. I have literally seen the original video.

  5. Wow I never knew Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine spoke perfect English 🤔🤔

  6. My man was like.Hey tank,can you cach it for me?

  7. Those Russians sound American for some reason. Hmm.

  8. New Update for Russian army
    -English + Accent

  9. Ofc Fortnite kid posted this💀
    And people that brlive to this sh48

  10. Guys chill out his shoulder is ukranian and his hand is chinese😅

  11. Dumbass think this is ukraine – russia war….

  12. I saw palestine supporters say this was a freedom vid

  13. Это страйкбол я виде можно найти в Ютубе он ещё с снайперской
    Автор лох

  14. That’s a BMP, not a tank. Also this is Airsoft

  15. Airsoft Alfonso I'm pretty sure. Could be wrong though but definitely Airsoft… 😂

  16. Man those shoulders are really showing the Russians

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