Trying out the Shermans DLC - Tank Mechanic Simulator -

Trying out the Shermans DLC – Tank Mechanic Simulator

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Today we pick up the tools in Tank Mechanic Simulator and restore the first of 5 new sherman tanks introduced into the game with the new “Shermans DLC” Also Fuck War Thunder.


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  1. Have a good weekend! – Kinda avoiding War Thunder at the current because fuck Gaijin, Hope you enjoy something a little more relaxed.

  2. So is this game pretty diverse in different types of tanks to repair or restore .

  3. Bro why cant we get the cool shit on consoles

  4. I rather enjoy this game. Put on some music and go to it. They have made certain steps orderly and for the most part, Make Sense, but some don't.

  5. Maybe start 2nd channel where its uncut.

  6. American never came up with their Sherman designation for the M4 it was the British that came up with that

  7. The reason why the Sherman had hooks on it was because it made it easier to carry all around the factory to be produced was easier just lift the entire vehicle and move it to the next station in to take the parts from a different station to move it to the production that's why I had to carry her really

  8. Is everyone excided to see what Gaijin prepared for June 14th?

  9. The M4 was the best tank of the WW2, after all.

  10. first radial aircraft i ever heard was an original a6m3, flying against an f6f4 hellcat, amazing stuff and the acrobatics and sounds of the engines were amazing. ive been fascinated with aircraft ever since and now im an aerospace machinist who makes the parts that gets boeings planes off the ground hehe…

  11. Great game. Hopefully on the 14th gaijin will reveal something good and implement it quickly. The grind is absolutely insane, i have premium and it takes multiple hours to go from rank 1 tanks to rank 2 tanks. And my friend who started playing war thunder ran out of SL despite having a premium account.

  12. idk if the game doesn't have it modeled but you forgot the roof M2 and the hull MG aswell.

  13. pretty sure that every us built sherman had a stabilizer, except for the 105

  14. This game always looks really fun. Wish it played like My Summer Car though lmao.

  15. My guy this game looks awesome. Good on ya ash

  16. Who think Gaijin is going to screw us over on the 14th.

  17. Fun Fact, during the early days of the Korian War T34s and Shermans M4A3s would duke it out with each other, along side some M5 Chaffees.

    But yeah the Original M4 has that Rounded Hull, The A1 has the FLATTEND hull. A2 might be when they installed the Stabilizer? I think the A3 has a new suspension system installed on it. Not really familiar with the M4 ether.

    The Hellcat also used a Aircraft Engine as well, and that kitty had JACK ALL for armor and 76mm cannon on it.

  18. I wish they would update this game on switch ( and add the DLC’s for the E-shop ). It looks so much better on PC and other consoles but I’m holding on for an update!

  19. I think I gave myself tendinitis playing this update

  20. What a nice video, if only they added any content outside of the games launch to the console port…

  21. Also side note, near my dads house is an old factory where they made and painted the shermans, but because of the lead paint the grounds have since been contaminated and the factory abandoned

  22. Man do I love it when I just report something bad that just happened and it gets removed

  23. You mentioned the Aircraft Mechanic Simulator, I bought that game and played it for a couple of hours and at one point with the Spitfires, there was a problem with an engine in one and I had to take the ENTIRE engine apart and put it back together PIECE BY PIECE until I found out what was wrong with it and that took me 30 minutes, so I guess gave up on the game and uninstalled it

  24. This game is not as in-depth as I would like it to be, I also wish it had more than a target range, but just sitting there putting these tanks together is very soothing to me. Helps me with anxiety, stress, and depression.

  25. Shermans are great. If you can, will you be able to do more videos on engines? I would love to hear your take on the Ford V8

  26. Great Vid, Finally persuaded me to buy the game..

  27. Ash, have you been following the Australian Armor museum’s find of multiple M3 Grant tanks? A gent down in Australia had a bunch on his family’s property and the museum is taking them. It’s been extremely interesting to follow!

  28. I hope they add more museum slots to the game. All my slots have been filled for ages.

  29. 😂😂😂 a fuck you war thunder 👍 nice

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