Top 5 Best Nations in WOTB #wotblitz #shorts #wotb -

Top 5 Best Nations in WOTB #wotblitz #shorts #wotb

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  1. Hybrid Nation!
    Too OP!

  2. Hybrid Nation is very iffy with their tanks and there are not a lot of tanks plus they can be easily killed during the time when they face other opponents, so I would not even include Hybrid Nation but just give it a shoutout

  3. Tf you say about pure german engineering? Oh wait i could block 893 damage with an tier 5 tank?

  4. Ussr tsnks>german tanks>American tanks>British thanks

  5. U.S.A should not be on the list for many reasons
    1 most of the tanks don't have a good armer
    2 in most of the thanks the ammorak is in the lower part of the front so it is easy to any one to ammorak it
    3 it needs a long time to reasrch all the tanks
    Another thing that the German tank should be the top most of them are well armed and it's hard to ammorak it and even the TD are overpowered
    R.I.P U.S.S.R armer 😢
    Moreover the hybrid Nation is very good and i will not argue with that but there's a little problem which is that the Hybrid Nation don't have tier X tanks so have fun with lower tier😂

  6. Laginya seru juga menambah IQ wotb❤

  7. 1: USSR
    2: Germany
    3: Hybrid nation
    4: Usa
    5: Europe

  8. Heavies:
    1. German great penetration and armor
    2. USSR mobility and bias damage
    3. EU (Poland) same like USSR but slower
    4. Japan (high tier only) mobility and armor
    5. USA goofy ah M-VI

  9. Bro how not Japan. They have amazing X tanks.

  10. i be like tiger 1 but i more like that in my pvp tanks would

  11. theres literally only like 7 options you are insufferable and mediocre.

  12. U.S.A. had never stronger tanks than germany 😂😂😂.

  13. Песня русская… Видео иностранное, иностранцы ломайте голову зачем я это написал

  14. Germany a 5!!! But I do think hybrid is goated

  15. German top 2 bruh 😂, hybrid nation is like fire nation in avatar 😂

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    Nazis 1

  17. I don’t like wotb to much but this edit is kinda hella good 🔥

  18. Hybrid – Yes…

    USSR – 2nd
    (Many strong colectors, stalinium)

    Germany – 3rd
    + Best T10 hevy
    + Best medium for pros

    Usa imo 4th
    (Yoh, E3/E4, T-series tanks are OP)

    Uk 5th
    (Badger, vickers imo is bes light after many nerfs for T100LT)

  19. What’s the song called?

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