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Tiger H1: Germany not suffering. War Thunder.

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The Tiger H1 is one of my most played tanks and probably my favorite heavy tank of all time. I’ve made a lot of videos where I’m killing Tigers, but most of the time it’s because of how it’s played. When played correctly, this tank can intimidate the hell out of the enemy teams and cut through their armor.

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  1. You're a menace until someone who has never gotten out of 5.0-6.0 shows up and 1 shot your angled tiger, the tiger has 3 weak spots, if you're overangled, ez just shoot a bit under the tracks in the middle, if you're angled correctly, shoot the cupola, and if it is not angled at all and you can pen more than 90mm, just shoot the front plate in the middle (between machine gun and driver view window, that plate can't stop more than 90mm when it is on a 0-15 angle. What I have more problems dealing with is king tigers and panzer/panther idr which one was it but they look similar.

  2. I cant even tell you how many tigers i have killed they all go blind the moment i come withing 0.10 meters of them

  3. King of its Br if you can ever play it in its Br. Germany 5.3 to 6.3 has been nothing but max Uptiers for me.

  4. From personal experience, I wouldn't say that angling makes a Tiger impenetrable, there's still many areas through with a Tiger H1 can be taken out. Still makes a Tiger a nightmare to deal with though.

  5. Yes the tiger is very powerful for its BR, it's one of my favorite tanks to use

  6. you should rename the video to "how to turn the tiger h1 into a real tiger"

  7. we need a series called "How to properly play Germany: German Main 101" Germany gets so much backlash because it has confusing game tactics

  8. Germany players are so oblivious. I legit just killed a tiger with a sherman III/IV (swedish premium with the 75mm) he drove right past me and then turned around.

  9. These need to be the real war thunder loading screen tips

  10. its all fun and games till the players u have killed comes back with a plane and kamikaze bomb u. Cuz they have no real skill in tank combat so they need to rely on bombing.

  11. This is some quality content, and very informative. Even though I play WOT, I can still draw some usefull information from this.

  12. You can do the same with the tiger e its just a bit more rng on if the shell goes through you or bounces off like the annoying kid running into the brick wall

  13. Cupola and barrel shot are still big weak spots but most people will still try and aim for the hull in rushed situations

  14. My m6a1 that shoots two different armor piercing at once destroying the tiger even when angled 👹

  15. People: Tiger I is impenetrable when you angle
    IS-2: 122 mm AP goes boom

  16. Basically yes, it's not the tanks that are the problem, it's the players
    German teams are filled with kids who think they're the new "panzer aces" and have zero situational awareness

  17. Germany doesnt suffer. You just have a skill issue

  18. Whenever i see a tiger angel i focus on destroy his barrel and track and then push for the kill if your lucky enough not get kill by there teammates

  19. Basically its not the tank it's just the player 🗿

  20. My opponents who use the tiger don’t really angle, well… because I shoot where to ammo is usually kept. Which then just gives my VK. 3002 (M) a free kill. I don’t know if you should angle the VK. 3002, but when I angle it, it makes it very hard for it to get penetrated.

    Edit: one thing I’ve learned is to never rush a corner, always look to see if a tanks waiting there. I learned this the hard way.

  21. In simulator battles i can male disasters on enemy team with the tiger

  22. German tanks when played right can have quite the clash with Russian tanks

  23. It is essential that new players don't think of it as a fortress. They will stay where they are thinking they'll never die, and immediately die to a smart player. My tip is to keep moving and don't do stupid shit

  24. if only german mains had an iq of over 20

  25. He’s giving you German mains tips guys just get better sight first before practicing these tips

  26. Even if I still do all of this. It doesn’t stop some T-34-85 from one shooting me through commanders hatch or turret cheek

  27. Ngl all enemys is tigers and all of us trying our best to kill it but we lost and we got spawn camp

  28. You can angle as much as you can but cent mk2 dont care

  29. Ya most the time they don’t angle and the 76 makes short work of them

  30. Ya most the time they don’t angle and the 76 makes short work of them

  31. Very intense video and I agree with it and just like then, they were often given to experience commanders like Wittmann him self..

  32. I always play tiger and get 5 to 8 kills every game.

    My tip is: tank positioning when entering somewhere where you dont know where the enemy is

    Never drive in the middle of the road

    Finally, tiger does best for sniping your enemies. Or ambushing them. Dont go into the capture zones directly.

  33. Angle with left side not right. Cause if they shoot through driver's hatch the shell will go to the left ammo rack on the side.

  34. It's alr. Until you fight a veteran with 6k to 7k hours and they insta kill your angled tiger

  35. Yeah doing all that dramatically increases your survivability and effectiveness in the battle, but as soon as you come across an experienced player in a jumbo/Russian 85mm youre angling is almost fully negated. Still, always angle even those experienced players will bounce their shot on occasion.

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