This Tank Game Will Change EVERYTHING!! -Sprocket-

This Tank Game Will Change EVERYTHING!! –Sprocket–

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Holy moly, its happening! Everyone remain calm!

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  1. I'd call my creation "M420 "TWIMC"" (To Whom It May Concern)

  2. Well…im the 666th subscriber guess im the Devil now

  3. nice ive always wanted a game where i can actually build tanks

  4. Omfg I've spent hours upon hours building a pretty realistic looking Stug III G and T-34 in Scrap mechanic with moded guns that can fire and tracks that can move separately. This is every tank nerds wet dream. I don't think my school laptop will cut it for this game though haha

  5. 10:3110:38– SAME!!!!! I am exactly the same………………. Oh god i'm such a nerd.
    PS: I am also SO EXCITED for this game, I've always wanted a game just for building and designing your own tanks. Beit serious, and you're actually trying, or not practical and funny.
    AND i'm subscribing NOW!

  6. I played this but there's a twist.


  7. the video editing reminds me of martincitopants. I love it.

  8. boy oh boy, can't wait to see someone build realistic, functioning planes in sprocket

  9. Btw there is another game called space engineers it can work to you can build there pretty much anything with full Ton mods

  10. I am gonna warn you rn now, there have been a couple of issue for players where once you start and play sprocket you can't load it up and play it again despite the best efforts.

  11. I wanna see people killing enemies with cursed overly size barrel

  12. This is literally a game come true

  13. Nobody mentions damage mechanics when talking about differences

  14. I have a issue with the aiming system, how do i aim? How do i use telescopic sight?

  15. This game is already blowing up,
    It is literally in the process of blowing up

  16. Everything aside. Nice video u deserve more subs ngl

  17. I want this game price is free so i can download it

  18. I shall subscribe to you because i also love tonks.

  19. 43 seconds in and I'm getting serious martincitopants vibes, Not a bad thing, means I likey….
    Edit: sub earned

  20. Very nice video, from your biggest South African fan

  21. "From the depths is probably the best game so far for tank building" Clearly has never heard of Garry's mod tank building. Nobody has honestly

  22. me showing up with a 100mph ramming rig that's just a maus hull

  23. i was so delighted until i saw the price. Makes sense though considering it was just one developer, and congrats on his success!

  24. yo this guy should have 1k+ subscribers O_O

  25. Hey men! is that game available for android?

  26. i totally didnt stop the video on 5:14 just to look up how much cheese a maus need… XD

  27. My goal is to build the most realistic star wars tank design

  28. Ill buy it once modern tanks get added or modded in.

  29. The most cursed but amazing game i have ever seen, watching different part from is-7, panther, t34 together really hurt and still i want this game

  30. If this game goes to multiplayer I promise to uninstall WoT forever

  31. Since I was a kid I always tried to draw my own tank or build it using Lego bricks. This is everything I could ask for. World of Tanks Blitz and the pay2win bullshit annoyed the fuck out of me. I'm so glad this game is being made, the only problem I have is that I'm using Mac. I either hope for it to come out for OS X eventually so I can hopefully play it with downgraded graphics using my M1 chip MacBook Air (which doesn't seem very likely to happen) or for you Eta320 to play the game and create kick ass tanks using your creativity and passion.
    Most of the other YouTube people were just really annoying or built really ugly things just to showcase it, but you are different. You seem really cool and you genuinely are invested into the topic. I hope that your channel will grow together with the people who are interested in Sprocket. Maybe they will get into the topic and also enjoy your other videos 🙂

  32. Is your profile picture the M3 Stuart at the AAF museum?!

  33. Idk what we all wanted from a game like this, but we all have cursed designs we want to test.

  34. If a game promises to let me make Scifi tanks:
    I sleep.
    If a game promises to let me make realistic tanks:
    I awake
    If a game promises to let me make realistic tanks intuitively:
    I stand up
    If a game promises to let me make realistic tank intuitively an allows mods to add scifi stuff:
    I ascent

  35. This is brilliant since most large scale games tend to be for a target audience or done to the likings of someone who has little to no interest in the certain game ie befethda also it’s brilliant how it’s community driven vs the needs of some corporate overlord which demands time, money and numbers and as you said , the developer has his own goals and own stakes in the game as well, since if the games terrible then he’s not going to want to play it let alone anyone else and so HIS ideas and HIS dreams are his and his alone and being a tank nerd has actual knowledge and insights into how a tank operates and functions and whilst the game is barebones and basic, it much like sea of thieves has the potential to grow and develop and again this game is fantastic because it’s a game built for the fans and tank enthusiasts as well as the casual gamer, where it’s diverse and different enough where even the same missions are like

    How can I do it this way, too much armor isn’t any better, too much firepower is great but is useless if you can’t see let alone hit said target and be better off as a pillbox, too little armor leads to being KOed too little firepower is as useless as a peashooter, too little mobility gets you nowhere.

  36. I was just thinking about this last week

    I really wanted to make a bob semple with a 120MM on it.

  37. I am sitting in game and waiting for the devs to add round turrets 😢

  38. If grow up right now I want to work with him to build the game

  39. Imagine if we're able to play online with other tank nerds

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