This TANK GAME gave me depression -

This TANK GAME gave me depression

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Actual Tank Commander Plays Armored Warfare and gets depression from it.

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  1. If you are planning to do another mobile tank game video, you should check out "Attack on Tank: Rush"

  2. I’ve looked at getting this game at least a dozen times in the last 2 months I thought it was a bad game because the game screenshots look so low grade

  3. I tried Armored Warfare, I like it quite a bit actually. The only problem I have with it is that it freezes my laptop at times and I have to force shut down. Of course there is the distinct lack of a F2P Battle Pass, but I can't really fault it for that when WT has an even more infuriating Battle Pass. I have also tried WoT, AW is 10 times better, both in the teammates not being toxic and the aim system actually shooting where You want it to. And the Servers aren't emmeciated Hamsters!

    Hmm, if I had to describe what I like about each of the three games, here it is:
    WT – The best 3D models by far, tanks behave realistically-ish enough, armor actually works, the aim system
    AW – Has banger PVE modes for when You want to relax, the aim system
    WoT – You can choose what turret/gun You want Your tank to have and it actually changes the appearance of the tank

    Here is what I dislike:
    WT – The instability of the Servers and the distinct low rewards is both RP and SL but mainly SL, the Gold RP
    AW – The game freezes my entire device from time to time so I have to force restart
    WoT – Toxic teammates, horrible aim system, horrible physics, the sluggish feel of the vehicles

    I saw a comment before writing mine that mentioned the physics and AW not allowing tanks to to silly little stunts. I agree that AW has the Gravity way up, but WT has it way down – tanks are flipping over by just turning at speed! Tanks aren't supposed to flip while turning.

  4. So if this is not War Thunder then what did War Thunder give you?

  5. I ground out all the way to the Abrams tank and then the game died I was so fucking upset

  6. The mobile version died quite a while ago

  7. man i played this so much pretty much unlocked all 3 tech trees. then it died so suddenly and its just sad.

  8. Have you ever tried DCS? I hope they will improve their combined arms module at some point.

  9. A tank with a Bent Barrel is not Depressed it has "Elevatory Disfunction" Blue Pill doesn't help though.

  10. Honestly I have started playing it and found it very fun, the aim system is nice and the PvP and PvE Isnt stale with the maps, grind is smooth and not boring, Too bad not many people know about this gem. I would love to see some more Armored Warfare content here! EDIT: Have stopped playing recent time due to pvp being p2w and boring :/

  11. Sooo… I play AW for like 7 years already and I love this title a lot. As for spending money for game, as current game goes, it is worth to get access to battle path for 2999 gold while it happens. It gives access to 4 premium vehicles, some gold back, camos, skins, avatars, titles and boosters. If you are kinda cheap players, every week logs give 100 gold, so after 30 weeks or so you can get access for free. Now current BP is ending, but when next come it is worth trying.

    Seeing your gameplay of M1134 and hearing that you consider it bad it broke my heart. At this moment M1134 is one of best missile carring TD with great mobility, good firepower with fast reload. It can even survive some shots. Top attack are useful in two cases: if you cannot pen a vehicle from front with regular ATGMs and if you want to dmg target behind rock. Otherwise it is just waste of dps.

  12. Does armoured warfare require a beast of a machine to play? If not maybe new game for my potato laptop

  13. Best arcade modern tank game.
    Unlike the others…

  14. look at the armor models of leo 1 and M48/60 or any tnak that has basic RHA they simplefied them and the only weakspot are the LFP, i'm not kidding an leo 1A5 was able to bounce APDS rounds from my T7 Challenger when i hit the "70mm" UFP.

  15. Having played World of Tanks & War Thunder for years on end I'm not gonna lie In comparison to those 2 games Armored Warfare is fun & Relaxing. I'm glad to see other people getting back into the game/or at least checking it out again after having not played it for awhile since first release.

  16. armored warfare made me realize that I really want the bradley aaws-h in warthunder, hypersonic kinetic missiles would be very fun and balanced

  17. it triggers me so hard that he is not aiming in to fire his shots

  18. armored warfare is a decent game. i am having a lot of fun playing it, and with my 1270 hours on steam, i can comfortably recommend this game to anyone. also, and you summed up the upsides and downsides pretty well

  19. this game looks awful. how much did they pay you?

  20. this game is garbage. war thunder is wayyy better

  21. omg this game gives me so many memories 😀

  22. Lol it's just a WOT clone… WT is better, but it ain't perfect either

  23. Oh they were like next door to me when they had offices in the US. Kinda surreal tbh

  24. war thunder is better

  25. The problem with vehicular game is that they aint copying cod or bf, it might sound weird, but you know what they dont do? BREAK THE ACTION, they overcomplicate things, and you respawn so fucking far and usually its a one and done.

  26. 400 ping is unplayable? come live in Australia

  27. Looks amazing. Too bad I'm too far into WT already. If this worked on mobile, I'd play it like WoT Blitz (but fuck WoT Blitz, its a shitty game)

  28. Its better then WoT but not a population to support it. WT > AW > WoWS > WoT > WoWP

  29. Es un buen juego, entretenido y bastante interesante con las mecánicas que tiene

  30. I play basically only the PvE mode. I wish war thunder had something like this .

  31. I remember one of ConeOfArc's videos had a sponsorship of this tank game and bro it actually looks kinda cute and fun for arcade shit tbh I'm actually sad I didnt play it

  32. Id the game gave you depression, be happy! Now you have something the russians dont have

  33. Actually WOT console has PVE mode… It was terribad.

  34. It was fairly fun, but pay to win and the developers are kinda iffy.

  35. I was an alpha tester on this game, it showed so much promise.

    The PVE took over the game I think a couple of years ago. It also had a pvepvp mode at one point, that was actually fun, taking objectives to get like a uav. But the game suffered for light tanks and basically anything that wasn't a heavy tank.

    When they reworked heavy tanks, I.e t14 used to do like 1k damage to 400 felt aweful. People complained about the abrams weak spot allot.

    At one point AI lazered your weak spots when moving.
    A fun tank in pve was the t5 or 6 up armour m60 on the isreal line. Good rate of fire with decent hesh damage.

    Good Times.

  36. the game was fun until it became heavily biased towards atgms and autocannons

  37. I loved this game, still play now and again but I am very cautious as the owners are Putin fans, the discord is full of Ukraine deniers who will ban you for nothing.

  38. man i wish there is more peeople play this game cause is f u n
    and i wish that they add realistic battle too as a gamemode you can choose
    wherei s basically like war thunder so yeah

  39. Armored Warfare really needed proper love, doesn't help that the publisher threw the devs under the bus

  40. I made the mistake to buy premium tanks in this game for at least 120 euro. And then the player number decreased so much that they had to join servers…. And I stopped playing because I was finished with school and had no time anymore. I loved the PvE mode but the game never really cought me again in later years.

  41. ah yes,the game where leopard one had 700mm in turret? or was it in of40?

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