THIS TANK BUILD SLAMS! Thor Jungle Gameplay (SMITE Ranked Conquest) -

THIS TANK BUILD SLAMS! Thor Jungle Gameplay (SMITE Ranked Conquest)

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I managed to overcap my phys prot with 4 damage items…

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Game: SMITE by Hi-Rez Studios

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  1. “Everyone likes a big ooooofh… can’t say that” highlight. Until you said “stack for daddy” as I was typing this comment

  2. 100 percent should do bomb of the week and good story

  3. Alright now I want smite to give Wu a 4th of July skin where he’s Teddy Roosevelt so they can use the line move quietly and carry a big stick lol

  4. literally every jungle seems to be building this. So broken

  5. will GIGACHADRAT come to the east coast servers next ranked split

  6. Day 224 of asking for Bacchus adc with full mage adc build/attack speed so late game when autoing you become a beyblade

  7. Mast can’t wait for you to play Kuku. You’ve never made a video with him I just know in one of your videos 4 or 5 years ago you said he was trash

  8. I'll always remember my first big stick, I miss that stick so much😢

  9. Bro, Thor is literally one of my favorite assassins… And I just finished the Set vid that makes me wanna try him… Perfect timing! Also, I feel like the only reason I play Smite nowadays is because I watch your vids and have some buddies that watch and build your stuff. 😀

  10. mast please move ur mana bar one pixel over ive seen people say something and i cant stand it now

  11. Captain's log: 41 videos in a row feeling lost. Only images of Mast's cat can save me.

  12. Absolutely make a "La Bomba of the week" shorts series, that would be so good

  13. What happend to manicore spikes? Still procing 100+ dmg. Are the base stats just that undesirable?

  14. I'm a super casual player but I've been around since beta and consistently hover around plat in conq and duel and the 1hp pointless panic aegis is just one of those bad habits I can't shake.

  15. When one is about to yeet oneself into bed but the macdaddy himself releases a late night banger, rip to the sleep schedule, time to spend 44 min watching the legend himself get those cheeks.

  16. "everybody loves a big stick" Mast 2023


  18. Mast went HARD with that super relatable stick story my god.

  19. I love you mast! Your videos are always funny and relatable. Your smite video are the only one I really look forward to, next to Intersect, and it really brightens my day. Your content kept me in the light and always kept me coming back to smite. You're the goat in smite in my book.

  20. ''Get you guys to send in bomb clips'' Really testing the algo here mast

  21. Why do you have above cap phys prots around 38:00?
    edit: nvm, didn't know protector does that

  22. "I will wait out the out the ult……I will perfectly NOT wait out the ult" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I watch your videos for the commentary alone LOL Love your content bro

  23. What where you gonna say mast? Everyone loves a big what hmmmmm? 😂🤣😂

  24. Mast why don’t you do that build on Achilles jungle and get like 400 prot

  25. I am tremendously disappointed that no one else has mentioned "My stick" a star wars bad lip reading because of 10:00. But I got yall I will do it myself lol.

  26. Mast that one with the kids and the big stick was very close to fbi at ur door XDD

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