This Pokemon Ad Is NIGHTMARE Fuel -

This Pokemon Ad Is NIGHTMARE Fuel

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  1. Who knew a rock snake can fit into a bus and a electric rat is allowed but civil humans who may have MADE POKÉMON aren’t allowed also how is the driver still alive sight that muk💀

  2. That wasn't actually as bad as I thought it would be

  3. He had me expecting to see like a full copy of the liquid slam commercial

  4. He's the one reason pokemon aren't really

  5. I remember seeing this ad in the old pokemon v h s tapes

  6. You know its Old when you hear Pikachu's Voice like that

  7. I remember watching this on 4kids 😂 holy crap that was horrifying

  8. I always thought this add was a smart way tk do it if they were real

  9. i still have this commercial in one of the movie vhs tapes lol, I think it was either the first or mewtwo strikes back

  10. It's just normal ad tho there nothing wrong 😭😭😭

  11. Viro, grand CEO of the ISEECOLORS corporation says:

    The definition of "school bus creepy stories"

  12. I bet yall didn't realize he was a team rocket grunt

  13. You think this is bad watch the old kirbys dreamland 2 ad

  14. Me when the sign says free candy 🍭

  15. WTF What’s that commercial they did not ban this?!

  16. Bro was speed running, catching them all

  17. Chicken, chicken, chicken chicken chicken is the says:

    OH MY GOD that’s scary

  18. If that scared you, you were a very sheltered child

  19. If Pokemon was real and someone did THAT they wouldn't be human OR Pokemon, they'd be a down right monster

  20. It's not all of the pokemon at least

  21. I was crying when i saw that ad… What i said: nooooo are the pokemon dead!?

  22. Missed opportunity to turn them into Pokémon cards 😕

  23. I want to try that in real life with my dog Edit: bye bye fluffy 😢

  24. Me killing all the furry p*rn with a car crusher 😊

  25. As a boy that grow up with call of duty left for dead 2 and gta san andreas i was hoping to be blood splattering all over the place

  26. The people who made the add:pokemon getting crushed is the perfect add

  27. Bro what about red,gold and other characters

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