This New TANK Game Has Me HYPED!!! - Project CW Closed Alpha Gameplay -

This New TANK Game Has Me HYPED!!! – Project CW Closed Alpha Gameplay

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Actual Tank Commander Plays Project CW and this tank game might be huge one day. Brought to you by the people that gave us World of Tanks! Is it worth checking out? Let’s find out!

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  1. I like the idea of modern tanks game, but I really don't like the HP pool games, one of the reasons why I moved away from WOT was HP bars (and also tanks just disappearing, gold shells etc).

  2. Since its Wargaming, my expectation is low, but I'll keep a watchful eye upon release

  3. Is there anyone here who plays War thunder mobile too???

  4. is this old vid you just uploaded, i got the closed A some days back and actually had small tutorial right after starting the game

  5. Lol i knew WG bought armored warfare out my opinion just to make this game

  6. Same devs that make wot it’s kinda cool but the arcade mess and fictional stuff I can’t get down with ima pass

  7. Tanks move exactly like battlefield, funny enough the only reason I started playing war thunder was to learn how to play tanks better.

  8. Reminds me of Wot with battlefields mechanics 😂 i cant want to try it

  9. It's way fun than the World of Tanks, even if it's arcadey and it's very fun with friends.

  10. Raketa is a modified T-62A (real one never had autolader) which was a pre-production version of T-62 armed with a 100mm rifeled gun insteed of 115mm smoothbore

  11. I really like this game it likes almost playing battlefield 2042 half arcade, half realistic in my opinion ❤

  12. "hot take": I'm tired of pvp tank games, give me a good co-op EDF style game with tanks vs aliens or something, either cold war or ww2, where you can upgrade each class with different weapons and stuff fighting weird enemies, this looks decent but nothing really interesting or new

  13. Looks like a world of tanks that teaches how to pen tanks without bs rng that doesn’t get dominated by auto aiming and spamming premium ammo but all around pass on this one.

  14. Isn't this game touted as World of Tanks 2.0? It's made by same people after all. Looks fun and different.

  15. Game play looks kind of fun even for an alpha test.

    But I’m not a fan of the “designed by a 14 year old” look of the tanks. It was the final straw that turned me off of World of Tanks when the designs got goofier (double barreled MBTs? Seriously?!) adding to the already painfully annoying combat system of HP.

  16. Wot is arcade like but this blows it out of the water, its bad and i already feel like there is gonna be a hard meta of tanks that you have to run to win. the game itself isn’t skill based by any means and if you are running a stock operator you have no chance and placing 1st on the team since your damage output isn’t there.

    it’s a shit game that’s gonna die the exact same as overwatch.

  17. I will be honest, the maps and graphics in this game are better than War thunder

  18. lets give them a taste of democracy? game went political real quick. 2:05

  19. its shit, only need to see a couple secs to be honest… i was like, oh shit, goodby warthunder,,, but no

  20. It's wargaming after 3 months of it being officially out it gonna be a cash grab whir thousands of micro-transactions

  21. Its like world of tanks arcade mode…

  22. Game is great as the bugs are great within it

  23. Not bothered about it tbh. Graphics seem okay, but it feels like a WOT reskin with modern tanks and has that cheap Wargaming style written all over it. Speaking of, them being the publisher gives me no confidence that it wont become the anarchy P2W fake tank shitfest that WOT has become. Best to stay away

  24. another tanks game where tanks have health points… Jfc, pathetic
    "another way of playing", sure bro.

  25. sorry but I played the beta and will never waste my pc on this trash lol this is some shit id expect at an arcade type thing worst mechanics ive ever seen in a tank game

  26. Yeah WoT was never my thing. Guess this wont be either. Visually its nice looking though.

  27. i cant imagine trying to play this game (or any fast paced game) with almost 200 ping. its amazing you can deal with that

  28. It’s very fun I’ve play it as well, very fast paced. Tanks still have their weak spots and strengths like the front of some tanks are pretty much impervious to shells.

    Only annoyance is what ever hits me from the sky and I can’t see it, it’s like some sort of small pinpoint explosion, not sure if it was a bug or a skill.

    The voice lines are very cringe and get old fast.

  29. The repair kit heals you. Use it as often as you can.

  30. Was very surprised, I enjoy playing this. It kind of makes me feel like I am playing dreadnaughts but with tanks instead of spaceships.

  31. He kind of feels like call of duty, Cold War combined with World of tanks…

  32. The game looks promising but just by watching this video i can already see a few problems.

    1. The tanks health or hit points are so small, for me this could be increased by 2-6k HP.

    2. There's not really good features, I mean there are some but there's no features that is different or unique from the other war gaming games. I would like to see that we can fire our tanks machine guns or something else.

    3. There's no tech tree this means there no things to really grind for months or more. This means new players can easily just give up on the game and not play leading to its fall.

    But i hope the game will be finished and fluent since the art style, gameplay and theme is something we never see on a tank game before.

  33. no way they added the gup dream tank match reload mechanic

  34. I just hope they wont make the same mistake like WOT and blitz

  35. The repair kit is not to repair a module, but in fact heal your tank HP

  36. this game is if todays call of duty met war thunder

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