This New TANK Game Has Me HYPED!!! - Project CW Closed Alpha Gameplay -

This New TANK Game Has Me HYPED!!! – Project CW Closed Alpha Gameplay

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Actual Tank Commander Plays Project CW and this tank game might be huge one day. Brought to you by the people that gave us World of Tanks! Is it worth checking out? Let’s find out!

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  1. This game reminds me of what Armored Warfare tried but failed to do… Although I still play Armored warfare, this game might change that.

  2. i use to love playing games in 2011. including Wot. i dont like what i am seeing . just too much garbage on screen.

  3. This game is kinda odd in my opinion because it has world of tank gameplay, battlefield HUD & graphics, and call of duty kill streak 😂

  4. I dont know why people are being so negative? Its Overwatch but world of tanks, of course its not gonna be realistic. It's a fresh new take on the hero shooter.

  5. I think the tonk designs are pretty interesting, I didn't notice it at first but Jager is carrying the dummy-tank on the engine deck. Which… would probably melt the rubber… but it's still cool. And raketa is like, cobbled together from helicopter parts.

  6. As a drunk fun time game yea but damn does the delay piss me of hope for a beta soon to try it out

  7. NGL this looks like good fun. Curious on the monitisation though.

  8. Just look like wot to me with a fornite look.

  9. Just another arcade game sucking money from our kids /spit!

  10. The only thing WG is missing in this hero tank game is a battle royal.

  11. So… hero-shooter+mad max-ed tanks from cold war…

    Yeah… I wish they just bought up Armored Warfare instead xD that still looks so much better.

  12. Yes the game is brought to you by the people who made World of Tanks
    Its basically Armoured Warfare but reworked in WoT style.
    ill stick to my War Thunder and Armoured Warfare.

  13. I would love to see more videos on this game!

  14. 2:08 “Let's give 'em a taste of democracy.” What a very American thing to say, lol…

  15. Honestly it looks like one of those free mobile games

  16. You can use the thermals with the smoke

  17. I'm not fond of these sort of games, BUT for this sort of game, I think the approach is very cool!

  18. If the damaging system was like war thunder I'd play it

  19. "Why did that do nothing?" I mean, abrams do have some serious heat protection, although, that many rockets would prob take out the crew…, why did i let the war thunder part type this….

  20. Thermals in this game allow you to see through smoke, so with the Jager you can deploy smoke and then still see through it. Though enemies with thermals can also see through your smoke too

    Also fully level Jager is pretty strong, can deal even 2k damage when you hit an ammorack 🙂

  21. bro its war thunder arcade mode

  22. Knowing Wargaming, this games gonna become a pay-to-win disgusting cash grab like the rest of their games.

  23. Guys this one is for WOT players..definitely not for WT players like me….. We are much more complicated shits

  24. The game looks so good and really got me exciting to play it. Only problem is how long WG gonna ruin it.

  25. so it's Armored warfare having a shag with Warthunder and 9 months later this comes out….

  26. Hated fighting against super tank skills with the starter tank.

  27. i love this game it’s refreshing and fun unlike wot, can’t wait for updates

  28. Bro this game is just updated armored warfare WTF

  29. the only thing I hate is Plant the bomb mode….

  30. If they make this crossplay with consoles, may be very succesfull, gameplay looks great, among tank games at least.

  31. Another game by Wargaming? More pay 2 win shenanigans then.

  32. 0:05 And this, kids, is why you should never get your hopes up about anything.

  33. Looks way too arcadey for me. Hard yes love it

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