This New Modern Tank Simulator Looks Promising 🔥 Gunner, HEAT, PC! Gameplay -

This New Modern Tank Simulator Looks Promising 🔥 Gunner, HEAT, PC! Gameplay

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Gunner, HEAT, PC! Gameplay – a new Military Tank Simulator featuring Modern Tanks – M1 Abrams, T-72 and many more to come!
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Today I have one juicy new game to show you, in its very early development stage – Gunner, HEAT, PC!
I know, super weird name for the game, but hey, if it works… It works. And let me tell you, what I have seen so far testing out the alpha demo, it looks very promising and definitely keeping my eye on it + also supporting it on Patreon. Also, everything this video makes, goes to developers via PayPal. I really do want to see this game succeed, check it out!

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– American M60A3
– American M1 Abrams
– Russian T-72
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  1. Well then this looks so promising if they need a tester let me know =)

  2. Bravo! What an accurate representation of modern tank characteristics. Impressive.

  3. This doesn't look real at all. I mean where are EBR's flying in the air 150 metres and making turns faster than Formula 1 cars. Where are russian tanks that you cannot penetrate? Why any of these tanks doesn't have a tangarine camo, cause that what makes you more unvisible? Just so so unreal.

  4. I want to speak to the Dev!!!! Put this game on next gen console, YOU WILL BE RICH. It will remplace WOT and war thunder. If I was millionaire, I will invest so much in that game to make it happens. DO NOT QUIT DIAMOND GAME.

  5. So asi i see it, if you will change arcade game into simulator just remove hud screen! 🙂

  6. As long as it doesn't use psychological scripting to denied or give damage on the go like WT im liking it ^.%

  7. I like to see the flight of the shell coming from the barrel.If i cannot see the shell fly out the i am not interested in playing.

  8. Cool, another "pre-beta -alpha" game, where only streamers and YT'er has access to …..totally believable! No, thank you SIr!

  9. This game really interests me – far better than all the other tank games

  10. i hope just that is with 50% arty :O)

  11. YYYYyyeeeaaaa at long last a game that shows how tank warfare is/was …. I'm glad I found this video ,,many thanks DevGamez for putting this up ,,real sweet …. I served in the UK Armed forces in a tank Regiment( worked on chieftain and Challenger 1 ) ,served 13 years ,,ever since I've left the Armed forcers I've been playing alot of games of one sort or another but whenever a new Tank game came out I was downloading to see if these games could give me something that I miss so much of ( ie:- being in or on tank in battle ).. I see there aren't any UK tanks , shame but this game does all the same look very interesting ,,many thanks for all the info you've put into this video ,, you just helped the Dev's get another player interested in a BIG way in the development of this game …. I DO Hope that at one point the Dev's might look into getting a couple of UK Tanks in game ( lol ) ……..
    regards THE "TaNkGoD" ( heehee )… 😉

  12. East German tankers wearing the wrong helmet in the x-ray shot.

  13. I love it being a Steel Beast Pro player, I think of it as a simplified Steel beast.

  14. Best console tank game ever was Panzer Front on the PS, I really wish they bring an updated version out for the PS4.

  15. Where's the different cockpit views? What people call "simulators" today sure are different from what I referred to as simulators when I was growing up. Imagine a car or plane simulator with no internal cockpit views.

  16. Damage system is need more realistic, there only 2 option, hit = die, or no pen = no damage

  17. As a WOT player I LOVE what this game looks like it is going to offer! If the devs need any more testers I would be more than willing to help. Keep up the great work!

  18. The stats after hitting that second shot got me like:

    Penetrated turret "Nice!"
    Hit commander's periscope "Hell yeah!"
    Penetrated commander's skull "Let's g-. . . Wut?"
    Hit commander's torso "Oh…"
    Hit commander's brain "Oh, God…"
    Hit commander's left lung "Please…"
    Hit commander's lower spine "Please stop."

  19. It looks good, actualy I Play Warthunder Sim Modus but I hope for a new Tank Game.

  20. It would be great if they could do something similar for WW2 tanks. I enjoy the historical aspect of these types of games.

  21. Does it feature LRF FIRST/LAST return switching logic for Abrams?

  22. Let me get these out before everyone else:

    "Wooo! World of Tanks ripoff! Armored Warfare ripoff! War Thunder ripoff!"


  23. Some suggestions:

    1) Find a better name
    2) Don't sell any "premium" ammo
    3) Sell cosmetics: skins, emblems, slogans, etc.
    4) Don't allow any modding in the game
    5) Have events where special vehicles can be reasonably obtained
    6) Don't have a grind that outweighs the fun
    7) Let me be one of the first play testers

  24. looking very,very nice. keep the game optmized and im sure it will be a masterpice.

  25. adding this to my watch list. I miss the days of M1 tank platoon and to a lesser extent Team yankee. this looks it can give me that fix

  26. i hope this game becomes more popular then war thunder becouse fuck the greedy snail

  27. Way past time for a great tank game. I would buy it.

  28. Looks like a great game. I hope the AI is smart and aware.

  29. i agree World of Tanks are for the low level people, i like Warthumder and this game way more

  30. hey is it a idea too bring it on Playstation 4 as well??

  31. Great enemy for war thunder this may be a reason for wt to fix their game

  32. war thunder just a crap…always error..not work well

  33. Is this game made in 2021 or 2001? Terrible graphics.

  34. WOT will never be more than an arcade tank game. Ever since I started flying in DCS, I’ve been saying that we really need a good tank simulator game. All of the currently available tank games, that I’m aware of, are arcade games, not simulators. I would love to see a tank simulator with Cold War and modern main battle tanks.

  35. a enemy for war thunder finally they will force themselves to be better ı love it.

  36. Still never churn up the mud or Chuck chunks in the air. Not even tracks across that lovely green field. I mean it’s 2022 and we’ve had games like spintires, MudRunner and Snowrunner that have vehicles that forge their way through mud, and snow pushing it out the way and leaving gorgeous permanent tracks.
    Come on guys! In the 70s I watched a chieftain tank belly down in mud chew it up leaving feet-deep tracks. I was a super amazed teenager. Tanks get stuck and they do chew up the landscape.
    Btw, where’s the impacts on the Russian tanks? Seem to be firing ‘nothing’ point blank and missing…..??

  37. I've been waiting for a new Armored Fist game for 20 years!

  38. Damm bruh cant wait for the full game we need modern tank sims

  39. unattractive map, common, bad graphics does not surpass other games is a simulator that is born dead. this does not attract players.

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