This is the WORST Tank Game on Steam... -

This is the WORST Tank Game on Steam…

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Actual Tank Commander plays the worst tank game on Steam so you don’t have to.

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  1. There's a 15 v 15 tank game on mobile which has a much better upgrade system anyway. Because it actually changes the look of the tank with each new module you install

  2. well for my opinion the best mobile game is the attack on tank rush(attack on tank warfare) ok we have wt mobile but it has lot gb and some people cant afford it but the attack on tank rush(attack on tank warfare) has 200 to 300 mb i think and is in the begining the version is 4.1.0 and it has updates that means in some hears will be coolthe armor mechanics is little weird but better then hp and is little pay to win but if you dont pay is not gonna change the power is gonna change some things like spawning a tank or arty strike or plane and some shells that arent really important and it has online too

  3. ohh, good video already report developer feedback.

  4. In that case just play world of tanks and not this trash game lol like its litterally a copy of WoT but just even worse (also at least WoT doesent have a lot of pop ups)

  5. i played this game in beta it was ok not pay to win at all well balanced then it got fucked in one update.

  6. 15 seconds that’s earliest I’ve ever been

  7. You should play panzer war:DE

  8. this really is a "hey look at the numbers world of tanks is doing, lets do the same but worse!"

  9. There is a good tank game (to me personally) called Armored Warfare. I have not been a subscriber for that long so I don't know if you did a video on it yet.

  10. this looks like a knockoff of world of tanks

  11. Day?? Of asking him to play tankery on roblox

  12. Great vid, but could you okay strategic mind?

  13. I tried armored commander or what ever it's called and it's fun surprisingly

  14. To be honest, yes this game sucks for computer games. However, still, I think for mobile games, it is pretty much more fun compared to the world of tanks, keeping in mind that everything: textures, controls, game mechanics are all really simple unlikely to complicated system of WoT

  15. This is a bootleg of World of Tanks Blitz even the whole throwing specials at you is replicated from that.

  16. This is a bootleg of World of Tanks Blitz even the whole throwing specials at you is replicated from that.

  17. You should play poly tank 2 battle sandbox. Just know it has ads

  18. Expected to see World of Tanks Blitz here. Played it for Years and boy, ohhh boy… This Game got bad

  19. the World of Tanks mobile premium shells are at least sustainable on FTP accounts. This is far from that.

  20. you should try panzer knights its a game that had potential even if it was simple and super low budget and it can be fun. Hell as simplified as it was to accomodate various characters of either gender being in your crew it had a lot of good dialogue. My favorite parts are probably just the sheer panic the crew shows during the final mission which is the battle of kursks as the soviets just keep coming no matter how many you kill. Its honestly a fairly good depiction for a game and much less such a simple low budget title.

  21. Something I noticed is that the NATO tree doesn't even have a single version of the M1, that's rather particularly annoying to me since that's my favorite modern tank personally. It's not even like the tree doesn't have American vehicles because they have the Bradley in the IFV line.

    Also smaller point of annoyance, the rounds they're calling APCR are not APCR. It's APFSDS, or just sabot, as most of us can probably tell. For some reason in the icon they use to display it "penetrating armor" beside the shell icon they for some reason have the discarding sabot still attached to the penetrator…which is obviously not how sabot shells work.

  22. When i think WoT(B) P2W because they sell OP tank, then there is lot other worse

    Atleast in WoT(B) you need to know the game mechanic and tank playstyle, i see a lot of wallet warrior skipping to high tier and die first because they didn't know how to play

  23. Have you ever try playing World of Tank blitz

  24. Hey panzer paw I got a question what do you use for making your Thumbnail for videos?

  25. Try Tank Company it's only on android though

  26. The game is a Armored Warfare copy, that is somehow way worse.

  27. tbh, it looks like a mobile game I played long ago called Tanktastic.

    If you wanna take a look at it, its still available on the app store. I thought it was good, but if you did a review, I think that'd be cool.

  28. I know you're a tanker, but if you want to play War Thunder's Air Battles on mobile I recommend Gunship Sequel: WW2. It has a decent selection and somewhat nice gameplay. It was my go-to before I got war thunder, and although it has modelling and physics limitations due to it being a mobile game, it is still quite an ok substitute considering it doesn't fully rely on hitpoints and skills actually matters (although it takes currency to unlock the aircraft, only using starter planes doesn't mean you'd lost against higher tier planes.)

  29. Video idea: war thunder tank tactics guide?

  30. You should try panzer war,is like war thunder but is not money waste

  31. >Game shows APFSDS
    >The game then calls it APCR

  32. This game really tried to Copy wot 💀💀💀💀

  33. There's also "Battle Tanks: Legends of World War II". Same thing, same devs, just older tanks.

  34. Reminds me of armored warfare (forgot the exact name lol)

  35. Huh 🤔 they could really improve the games graphics

  36. Can we just acknowledge the fact that they put a fucking Merkava and CV90 in the NATO tree…

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