This INSANE TANK is the BEST WW2 Machine Ever Built! - World of Tanks -

This INSANE TANK is the BEST WW2 Machine Ever Built! – World of Tanks

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  1. after all the years you still remember your tank

  2. Hey baron can you play War thunder, I really want to see your nation of choice.

  3. The Panzer IV Ankou is an anime tank

  4. I really dislike that red outlining on enemy tanks. Like really why would I need the game to hold my hand and tell me "THERE IT IS!", I am not blind lol. :[

  5. Oh well AT 2 is made for hunting down t 34
    This is true because I play world of tanks blitz

  6. Who thinks Baron should play some more War Thunder?

  7. I just remember when baron play war thunder in the old channel

  8. Do you get sponsors for both channels or just this one?

  9. Hey barron ever played predator hunting grounds

  10. Me: hey buddy, what tank should i use?
    My russian friend: ofcourse the ussr tank?
    Me: why?
    My russian friend: .

  11. I play this with my friend on the bus a lot! I don’t have it on my phone yet, so I may as well use the code 🙂

  12. It's Barons' Army as you have more then a Brigade of subscribers

  13. Baron, you need to take the shot when you see the enemy, you shouldn't wait for him to peek out again

  14. keep it up i love this game
    keep the serise ple

  15. Blitz pls play more but world of tanks Blitz game
    Play with me pls

  16. Aw man i thought this is world of tanks blitz

  17. T1 heavy and kv1 very good tier 5 havy tanks

  18. Now he's playing WoT on this channel…after all those years playing WT.
    I miss them good times.

  19. Hey baron try to play war thunder plsssssssssssssss

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