This INSANE TANK is the BEST WW2 Machine Ever Built! - World of Tanks -

This INSANE TANK is the BEST WW2 Machine Ever Built! – World of Tanks

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  1. do your next WOT video with some anime girl tanks

  2. Why don't you check out world of tank blitz it on pc and moble

  3. That's the music's for Normandy on world of tanks blitz but I show where you can pentrat and Less tank and maps

  4. How about fall guys. That is fun game.
    Can you play it.

  5. Why don't you us the su-100y good gun good damage and pentrat and speed no armer

  6. You should try War Thunder Baron. It’s like WoT, but better. WT has tanks from WW2 to the modern era, along with planes, ships, and helicopters. Planes, helicopters, and tanks can all be in tank battles. Plus the game is free

  7. Dose anyone think that baron should play enlisted?

  8. When I play that game I always hit the wheels or IDK 😅 so they can't run

  9. I play and I had only reach their 7

  10. I wish this would be for all players not just new ones!

  11. loving the content! But could you do more ride of liberty?

  12. Next will ya play War ⚡ cuz we wanna see you'll reacting to a new vic's in-game.

  13. Hey, baron the ac-130 is going to be replaced by ac-130j.

  14. Can you tell me guys how to download or sign up in this game

  15. Honeslty the only downside i see here, is you literally have to start over but other than no more going between clients and downloading other than that I look forward to playing world of tanks and hoepfully one day:3 fight you baron!

  16. The panzer 4 anku or however you pronounce is not real and is a collector's tank from a popular anime series.

  17. Could you try to please play world of tanks blitz? If you do, please send me a friend invite. Dudeperfect_2020

  18. I think baron should play allin creeps🙂🙂😍😍😍🙂🙂😍😎😎😎😎

  19. It's not a bad game and it's a tour defense

  20. Love it! I was just going to try world of tanks and here it is

  21. If you are back on WoT, you should play War Thunder again becauss it is so mich better than WoT XD

    War thunder is the real tank lover’s dream becauss it is a TON more realistic.

    Please start playing War thunder again…. please

    War Thunder also has more real names for the tanks. Like the T1 heavy is actually an M6

  22. Miss the old days of him playing WT with Phly.

  23. You should play war thunder.
    Do you remember phly daily?

  24. I thought it was war thunder, plz go back to war thunder:(

  25. Totally insane indeed Baron, this game is literally 11 years old! Dx

  26. baron , PZ 4 ankou is a Anime tonk wargaming has corporated with Girls und panzer so the crew is basicley ANIME characters ;-; they have a unic voice llines xd its availeble for real mony BRUH

  27. A tip if you see the at2 in the front under her track a weakness

  28. Hi hi hi hi hi yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I’ll be away oil guy who

  29. I wanna know if I play world of warships how do I use this code?????

  30. Play more war of Tanks or definitely War Thunder

  31. hey baron can you pls play the onather wot blizts

  32. "it's a tank lover heaven"… Like you were? Or like you pretended to be? Clearly you didn't give a damn about any game or community, you saw the juicy YouTube revenue and how easy was to ride the algorithm with kid aimed content and the sad truth is that you wouldn't have done this video if wargaming hadn't paid you… What a pity of a human being

  33. Why did u stop for a Matilda? It feels like (At least when I play it) the slowest tank in the tier. And I have played the AT-2

  34. Im so bad at wot, I used this link and got the exicolor thing the premium heavy, and I got killed, how come u can defeat like 3 heavy and medium tanks while I can only hold of like 2

  35. Pz IV anku is kinda an anime tank from girls und panzer anime… 🧐

  36. I have the tiger 131 but I Sold it

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