This 1970s tank simulator drives through a tiny world -

This 1970s tank simulator drives through a tiny world

Tom Scott
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At the Swiss Military Museum in Full, there’s the last remaining example of a 1970s tank-driving simulator. But there’s no virtual worlds here: it’s connected to a real camera and a real miniature model. ■ More about the museum:

Camera: Tobias Buchmann
Producer: Sebastian Capeda at Viven
Audio mix: Dan Pugsley (my microphone failed inside the very noisy simulator, he did an incredible job!)

(you can find contact details and social links there too)

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  1. We had something similar to practice gunnery drills when I served in Germany with the 8th Canadian Hussars in the 1990's.

  2. Now all you gotta do is play world of tanks and learn the fundamentals 😂

  3. an hour north of Zurich? That would be in Germany ^^

  4. Drove the Chieftain simulator when I was a boy. Dad was a D&M instructor.

  5. holy frick, is that helper guy a dude?

  6. This is incredible. Me and my wargaming buddy were talking about doing something like this recently. But, there's nothin new under the sun!

  7. You are worshipping war. The west glorifies war. This is insanity on a cultural scale. I've spent time in Tibet , southern Mongolia and north central China. There is no war worship, no monuments glorifying war, there is sanity instead. War has never led to peace. Only peace leads to peace and it begins within the individual citizens minds.

  8. Аааа это что за существо в очках?????

  9. Just not the same without the earcrushing explosions! I WANT TO TRY THAT!

  10. I know it was serious business back in the day, but that looks like soooo much fun !
    I am sure a similar concept could be succesful today for entertainment purpose

  11. "The computer was too old, so we had to rebuild it on a raspberry pi"
    This entire contraption would probably take up an airplane hanger if you tried using the old computer.

  12. I'm glad this was about a simulator from the 1970s and not something trying to simulate a 1970s tank 😅

  13. They should add yet another layer of coolness to the simulator, where the program sends your commands to a real tank so that your simulation is simulated in real life by a real tank.

  14. Потому-то у вас армия и барахло – моделька прямиком из розового мира жидкоусых компьютерных задротов, где повсюду ровная твердая земля, слегка присыпанная бревнышками.

  15. well tom there's only one sensible move from here. drive a real tank.

  16. It would be awesome to see the actual image of the streets rather than the face showing surprise expressions XD

  17. It reminds me the simulator they were using in Apollo 13 at the beginning of the movie. Of course, since the two sims are from the same era…

  18. The elder of VR :F
    This is amazing how IT outdated this kind of devices
    btw that's the same for planes. (especially fighters)

  19. Imagine if japan got ahold of this and let you pilot a mini EVA unit, they could have the cockpit be a sensory deprivation tank with with body temperature tang.

  20. I bet miniature table top war gamers are just looking at that scenery and drooling! Let us get some painted troops on there!

  21. The camera reminds me of the Jaguar simulator at the OCU. There was even a sense of humour from the Simulator techs who would pop a Jellybaby on the map, which was a huge obstacle to find!

  22. As someone who is really into sim racing, this is amazing!!!

  23. Why is the swiss army full of redditors

  24. The only country in the world with ancient Greek democracy where the people decide their future through public assembly meanwhile the rest of Europe and the world have the Roman democracy the republic where you vote for tyrants 😂

  25. War in Switzerland 😂😂😂 with who ? ❤

  26. A similar simulator I used in Bovington in 1991. It worked for approximately 1 minute, broke and we never used it again

  27. Our army had similar training devices. But the landscape was hanging from the ceiling and was inverted. However you were able to see the normal picture through the visor.

  28. The military industrial complex knows how to train. thanks for such a interesting story.

  29. The U.S. Army had a similar device at Fort Indiantown Gap in Pennsylvania in the 80's, but this one simulated helicopters on a 3D map of the surrounding area. One difference was that the map was mounted vertically (on a wall) with the camera going up and down and left and right to simulate the movement flight.

  30. This simulator is not exactly realistic. Swiss tank of this type have several fatal design flaws, like when radio was turned on, it can rotate turret by itself. And when heating was turned on, there was a chance that cannot fired at same time. Wires for each system were too close to each other. Later there flaws were fixed. In simulator you can use radio and nothing happened…

  31. And now for the project of being a train driver in the Wunderland in Hamburg.

  32. Sell this to war thunder player U will be millionaire

  33. Well, cool, I guess, wish we could have seen, oh, I don't, the actual simulator more like a longer POV of what it's like through the camera longer, maybe…hmm, well I'm glad you brought us a Simulator and then not really show it and gave us all the outside and talking views. 👍

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